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watch the anime, read the manga, but hardy read light novel / web novel (bcz im lazy and like watch spoiler on yt [厲害]), so i like when this game have original story.
my fav game this year [色色]

Lineage W


Hardcore game for me. i nver play lineage 1 only lineage 2, but i like the graphics its like durango but the lag issue, delay, and my first character is mage (nver i feel sad when i play mage) [大哭][大哭] now i change to elf , still give it a try at least 1week or so, bcz i already spend 1 day for stupid update 6,5GB hellll.
my rate 3/5 for this game [難過]

good game but u need patience 1000000%
every 5-6 click u have to watch 13 sec ads.
i try 'contact us' on game to ask about no ads purchase, but guess what .. when i send it, it say "server error" lul



bagus sih gamenya, cuman ya itu ga bisa offline. hp harus tetap on dan bikin baterei cepat abis dan hp jdi panas. untuk realnya bener2 real krna harus ngatur pupuk dan air. kurang suka game yang pakai sta tapi ya itu kalau sabar bisa buat jus jeruk untk nambah sta. agak malas kalau nanam, ngatur pupuk, nyiram air harus d batasi.
overall gamenya menarik n bisa mengisi wktu anda yg luang.
4/5 unt gamenya [微笑]

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