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it's dead game

Star Trigger


need English

haha , awesome

World Flipper


no english

DragonFlight for Kakao


a lot of rpg shmup died one by one.
i want english version to come back

the english version dissappear from QooApp.
i know it's released by Crunchyroll games

Superb pixel arts.
Each unit is a blank canvas, you can build their skills how do you want it.

Dragalia Lost


whoop de doo.
the only way to switch account is to REDOWNLOAD ALL 5.5GB data.

release globally.

well maybe a little bit global, and not global "global"

SoulWorker: Zero


can't open the apps.
stopped working.

pretty nice.
but obstacle hit point a bit wonky.
and goddamn ads after every stage.
please just make ads optional, like for backup and free diamonds.



solid beat em up.
idk how to upgrade past level 20.
and sometimes it's looping when logging in.
Yang and Nora is the best.
Character price in store keep increasing after you buy each character, so better buy Pyrrha 1st bcs she is the most expensive.

Honkai Impact 3rd | SEA


This game have pyromaniac magical girl

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