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Finding a good game ?
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Finding a good game ?
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emmm.. this game is simple actually if you're a Waifu over meta then you might last long play the game but if you're Meta over waifu then you're might be easily get bored and hate the games

~ okay so gameplay pretty simple .. its just a shooting game waifus where you got team composition like defender attackers and supporters.. has elemental counter just like other rpg gacha games the strategic thing is only the waifus has their own range for SR < sniper rifle > for far away enemies and SG < shotgun > for close enemies and alot more !?

~ graphics so-so like the explosion is idk it's like cheap edited effects haha.. but it's oke for me

~ the character design pretty good i was lucky has trained my eye and mentality for this game .. cause ya just like you guys seen tha reviews tha games is all about milf and THICCCCK ass waifu .. this game can't mess with cultured guy [不滿]

~ and other like UI storyline or gacha rate % is okay for me not to fancy but i got my scarlet at one pulls after 10× means double ssr at the 11and XD

okay that's all overall it's a good game for a while i don't see the game can last long it's has a lot bug rn like error messages or sometimes freezing .. and slow progress like im stuck at chapters 4 cause of lack material can't even farm em?[為什麼]

Path to Nowhere


ohh finally global version [色色] played before at bilibili games but with my kindergarten mandarin i couldn't understand well tha storyline XD !! okay let's talk about tha game

~ so gameplay similar to arknights but 3D characters similar to Time defender also. it's a tower defense game but the difference is you're free to set their positions < inaction > not like other tower defense where they just sit there and APPLE PIE !! or KOKODAYO and retreet

~ graphics emm emm 👌 tha background just nice the 3D animation the skills all of em are wonderful [哇噻]

~ ah grinding important thing in gacha well you can multiply and skip the progress so its not time consuming

~ chara design owalahh they all beautiful you got tha yandere waifu .. tsundere even a kudere [耍帥] but i didn't see lolies might haven't got em

~ storyline UwU interesting indeed they got tha plot armor

~ gacha rate same 2% i didn't got lucky 40pulls just got one S heroes < the highest rarity > but nvr got what i want .. and the pity is at 80 pulls

~ BGM , UI etc all of are good

~ difficulty emm normal i guess doesn't need a einstein IQ

THAT'S ALL ~~ overall good games worth to try 👌

光隙解語 | 繁中版


UmU let's see where should i start.. the game is pretty good somehow its has a unique 👇

~ gameplay: for a story campaign it's like open world mmorpg style where has auto but when you facing enemy it's change to deploy tactic okay here you gotta deploy your heroes they has a lot class like assault for dps guard as defender emm i guess you guys got tha idea

~ graphics emm the action effect is oke i love the animation cut scenes even 3 start character has a cut scenes for their skill

~ okay the important thing. grinding and character development so grinding has a good mechanism you can consecutive the operation and you can let it running background . for character upgrading pretty fast and need a dupe for unlocking potential similar to arknights

~ character design they all has a big mountain hot and spicy [不滿] no hornëy pls .. they were all beautiful and unique here you got lolies tidies super hot mommy what else ?

that's all oh and the game deserve a better rating .. and for me it's a good game

Grimlight | Global


Hemmm.. idk if still have a player out there cause my friend list is empty XD and almost all the recommended friend list is dead player? but let it slide .. i gotta say something about the game

~ gameplay huh its just another casual rpg chibi action has a deploy point make a formation then run simple.. and ofcourse has auto but i doesn't use it much cause auto ai is dumb

~ graphics the ui is clear beautiful action graphics not much woww there but still okay 👌

~ alright most important things for gacha game is character upgrading and grinding. so the grinding good doesn't need a lot time perfect for me since it's can stack the operation for clearing stage. upgrading cha emmm its simple and doesn't need a long run

~ okay the good thing for me is only the character design i guess they were all wonderful [睡覺]CVO it's korean but still sound good to me since i play COUTER SIDE with korean voice so i just get used to it .

That's all hope can see a improvement from the game <3

Blue Archive | Japanese


eiii.. blue archives ok short story its just a chibi waifu with western blood in em although they were Japanese cause damn they can shoot right into your cultured sh¡t [不滿]
~ okay first gameplay like i said 3d chibi shooting game 3rd camera action well abit boring since it's has auto so you probably autoing or semi auto for the skills.

~ character design & art emmm they all waifu materials even tha lolies ahemm [no] and most important booba waifu like why this game is so cultured again?

~ but the important thing in gacha the grinding times is none at here ya you can just skip and stack the operation < means 100 times or whatever you want > for the stage that already cleared

~ gacha rate emm probably oke but don't worry this game is F2p last time i played

~ storyline well idk im not Japanese [委屈]but the global is already out so might try the global

i retired already playing the games since the game isn't really popular long ago like almost all guild that i join is dead players rip. overall good games [厲害]

Arknights | English


ah arknights i retired already but still the best game 🤩 okay so i played 1 year consistently doing all the daily all the event but what make me losing interest about arknight is

~ well ofcourse i have -0.01 IQ watching guide from Yt kyo and Exo helps sometimes but you'll has to change the strategy abit cause not all the character you got leveled up right ? even tho the guide is using 3star cha you're really not used all 3 star right?

~ seconds because of the grinding time !? especially annihilation well im not a patient person so ya i hate grinding for cip material or what else. you see arknight is only has 2× speed for every run and annihilation take times for 10 minutes i guess. well good for you if you're a emulator player like bluestack ! but believe me mobile gamers hate waiting at grinding! it'll be good if arknight do a skip ticket or stack rewards like other gacha games

~ okay the good part about arknight is the storyline 100% recommended for a story seekers like me . character art and VO superb nice 👌 i do drawing so ya the character outfit is just awesome like everything is perfect

~ talk about gameplay .. the tactics and strategies is extremely using your sanity so don't underestimate the tag of TOWER DEFENSE STRATEGY if not you might stressed up clearing one stage like 30 minutes goddammit !!

oke that's all looking forward for arknight anime release might play the game back 🥰

Memento Mori


tha game is kinda unique it's remains me to SINOALICE from the ui to tha music vibe !! but the thing is all the characters has their own music it's just beautiful . it's make you sitting like dumb put your phone down just to listening tha music haa😆

overall this game is all about
~ good art love the character vo is cute < jp >
~ music 🎶 dayum
~ storyline emm kinda so-so don't have much plot amor 🙃
that's all worth for a gamer that love animeart and music

its worth to play i guess ( ^ω^)

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