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Good app for having access to a couple important features for when you don't have access to your PC.

Minecraft | Global


I've loved this game ever since I joined in 1.7.2. The utmost best game to play with friends, on a server or a shared world.

Quite literally made up my entire childhood, even the inspiration for my username.

One of the only games I can play for many many hours on end and still have plenty of stuff to do, since in Minecraft, there is an infinite amount of things to do.

Get mining! Get crafting! The game's waiting for you! [開心]

Discord! The best of the best!

Yokai Dungeon


The game is quite fun to play for the first time, but gets repititive very quickly, since the only noticeable progress you can make is unlocking new characters to play.

War Robots


The game looks fantastic, and has very good graphics and model design;
but the game itself is this hot mess of unbalanced new robots and a general sense of being in hell for anyone who wants to play this as a Free 2 Play.

Don't expect to have a stress-free experience unless you can dump a decent chunk of your wallet into this game, as whenever new content is added, it is so unbelievably broken, and, near unobtainable to Free 2 Play players that the only way to keep up with the meta is to continuously buy new content.

Played it since a couple of years (before the addition of lock-down weapons) and from there, the game has improved graphically, but completely crashed gameplay wise, from the POV of a Free 2 Play.

As soon as F2Ps get their hands on the meta content, through the F2P method of getting it, it is already outdated and not very viable to use (most of the time).

I for one have stopped playing due to the sheer stress that comes with being a F2P War Robots player, it will take a LOT of reworking of the game's balance and meta progression to fix this situation, and it doesn't look like Pixonic really wants to.

You can check the game out for yourself, but be warned: Your joy depends on whether you want to Pay 2 Win or not.

Brawl Stars | Global


The game has good gameplay concepts and a decent rate of new content production.

The only setbacks are the RNG system used to unlock new Brawlers, which can be a cakewalk for some, but an utter unforgiving mess to others; as well as the frequent Teaming issue with Showdown (Free For All Battle Royale Mode), which are the only systems that need a tweak, in my opinion.

The game is a lot more fun to play with friends, as you can join friendly rooms to battle each other, or have a friendly competition while pushing trophies (rank).

Majorly well made, only with a few critical flaws that are already brought to the attention of the developers.

Guardian Tales | Global


There really isn't any mobile game I've enjoyed playing more than Guardian Tales, it has a very captivating storyine, with good character design.

Also by far the most generous and understanding developer team I've ever come across, from regular free gifts to ACTUALLY LISTENING TO CRITICISM, the GT dev team is the most community-friendly team I have ever seen.

Take the game at your own pace, no one's rushing you. You can even join a Guild (clan) to help boost your progress with weekly guild events and to meet new players.

Overall, the best game I have ever played on a mobile. [色色]

Vanguard ZERO | English


Game stays very true to the original storyline, as well as being majorly f2p friendly.

Pokemon Unite


A cross between Pokemon and the popular MOBA gameplay type is just as good as you think it is! The game also offers login rewards for the first couple of days to get you started as quickly as possible.

Arknights | English



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