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Magia Record | English


Pretty good game so far. I like the gameplay since it's so different than what I'm used to when it comes to turn based RPGs. However, for some reason this game seems to crash to title screen alot and I get alot of connection errors. Like FGO, this game has a 1% rate for highest rarity character. Normally I'd prefer atleast 2% rates but, considering that this game has a fair pity system I'd say that kind of makes up for it. Also this game doesn't support full screen on my Galaxy Note 9 which sucks but hopefully there will be an update that allows the game to be in fullscreen. Re-rolling is quite a pain just letting you know. Overall I recommend watching the anime first before getting into the game. I watched it a week ago and instantly fell in love with the anime and now the game.

Stella Maiden | English


Eh...the game isn't terrible but it definitely isn't polished. Text + Character sequence is out of order making the dialogue a bit awkward. Gameplay is okay but having to recover your ships after every battle is rather annoying. The waifus are good looking but that's to be expected from a waifu collector. Honestly, if you're looking for a good waifu collector I'd recommend Azurlane or Destiny Child. Once this game gets more polished it could potentially be very good.



Great waifus...what more could you ask for?[色色][色色][色色]

This game is very polished! I watched the anime a few weeks ago and enjoyed it so I'm happy people can play this game.[開心]

Last Cloudia | Japanese


For some reason the game crashes when using ultimate skills.

Grimms Echoes | Japanese


Game looks great! Hoping for English version.

Disgaea RPG | Japanese


Worst launch for a gacha I have seen...

Aurora Legend | English


Pretty good game for those who like hero collectors and idle battles.

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Omg I am super hyped for this game! The wait for the 19th is so painful..![大哭][大哭][大哭] Read Note
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