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Time Defenders


I'm trying my best to play this game, but...
I don't know, maybe they tried too hard and ended up failing some basic stuff.

The core of the game resembles Arknights a lot, specially with the whole class system, they even have "vanguards". But it feels like it's easier than Arknights, leveling and promoting characters seems lighter.

The problem lies with the tower defense aspect. The tiles are very weird. I appreciate the effort to try and make something different than square or hexagon tiles, but since it's very random it's hard to form strategies on.


Gameplay is weird

Graphics are decent, nothing new but it's solid.

Voice: this is a big up, everything is voiced, including the story!

Story is a little bland... But I'm used to Arknights, so I can't really compare lol

Music is just there.

Performancr could be better

Characters, Gacha system, farming
- Pulling characters doesn't seem hard.
- Leveling characters seems easy but repetitive and exhausting, it gives me a feeling of Priconne there.

Worth playing? Maybe. If they improve the performance a bit, introduces more characters, make it clearer the character positioning (specifically for healers). But since I'm a lore digger I don't think this game will get me hooked.
Already have Blue Archive and Priconne to goof around. And Arknights and Alchemy Stars for some lore rich games.

A battle Royale with mechanics we've seen 9000 times already. BUT with a lot of Final Fantasy twists in it, like:

+ you can use spells and build your own spell deck during the match
+ class system
+ summons like ifrit
+ final fantasy art style and music
+ quests and monsters during the match

Other than that the rest is pretty common, loot best weapons, avoid the zone, auto looting, auto shooting, vehicles around the map, supply drop with the best gear, generic mobile battle Royale feeling.

The game runs fine on mobile, playing with controller sucks but still, FPS games on mobile feels weird and there is still no emulator that can run the game nor a PC version coming out.

Blue Archive | Global


One of the best gacha games released in 2021.
Great waifus.
Gameplay is super fun, but auto AI is dummy (which sadly makes pvp a dummy contest).
The story is funny but it's going deeper.
Lots of content coming from the JP version.
Live2d animated scenes that can be turned into your lobby wallpaper.

Ah, also...
Foot massage from the best maid.

Arknights | English


Why are you not playing this yet?
Lappland is waifu

Still one of the best gatcha games around. Visual Novel quality story, fair gatcha system, fun and fast game play. The perfect mobile game.

Lineage W


Lineage W was created with the Lineage 1 Korean players in mind.
What does that means?
Lineage 1 is still by far the most played and profitable game NCSOFT have, even if the western market failed to import it.
And Lineage W was created with Lineage 1 in mind. The 8 axis movement, repetitive animation, 90s and early 2000s gameplay feeling is intended and it is not because the game was poorly made.
Now, I do have some critiques about this game. Lineage games are already known for their extreme farm. But adding mobile mechanics such as "monster codex", "collection", gatcha based dolls and morphs with rarity WILL ruin the game for normal players.
I managed to stay on the top 100-150 at the most populated Lineage 2 Revolution server without spending money, but I was unemployed and had a lot of free time to mindlessly farm like a slave. I was expecting this game to be at least a little focused on the normal market since they have Lineage 2M to milk their money.

tl;dr the game itself is not bad and it's very nostalgic. But the mobile and p2w mechanics will ruin it.

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Understand this before playing Lineage W was created with the Lineage 1 Korean players in mind.
What does that means?
Lineage 1 is still by far the most played and profitable game NCSOFT have, even if the western market failed to import it.
And Lineage W was created with Lineage 1 in mind. The 8 axis movement, repetitive animation, 90s and early 2000s gameplay feeling is intended and it is not because the game was poorly made.
Now, I do have some critiques about this game. Lineage games are already known for their extreme farm. But adding mobile mechanics such as "monster codex", "collection", gatcha based dolls and morphs with rarity WILL ruin the game for normal players.
I managed to stay on the top 100-150 at the most populated Lineage 2 Revolution server without spending money, but I was unemployed and had a lot of free time to mindlessly farm like a slave. I was expecting this game to be at least a little focused on the normal market since they have Lineage 2M to milk their money.
tl;dr the game itself is not bad and it's very nostalgic. But the mobile and p2w mechanics will ruin it. 
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