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Honestly, reading isekai first was a mistake (pfp from Horimiya 2021)
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Honestly, reading isekai first was a mistake (pfp from Horimiya 2021)
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Aether Gazer | Global


Haven't seen shit so hoping good, i just know to roll for tsukuyomi. AND for those who's stuck on the "differentiating file" thing just let it open for 5 mins, it should continue, still servers open 5 hours from now

Edit: Its good but not for me, now the shits amazing and its Yostar so expect good things to come but It's not for me. Not persuadin. a

Higan: Eruthyll | Global


Im starting it with this, it just released so the characters might be a handfull, but its funn.

Graphics - My device defaulted to low but i tried high, it really is high so graphics is good, but low fps so back to low.

Sound - I have music on but the voice lines is pretty good (I don't know japanese)

Gameplay - I haven't played anything the like of it (I have a low palate in games). I cant describe it just refer to other reviews or play the game.

Storyline - Skip

Again, its a pretty fun game.

key features:

Generous gacha i believe - Star Sigils (used for wishing) Is fairly easy to get so good. The chances are friendly too, if featured character up to 50% chance, if others then only 2% , rises by +3.3% by 50 pulls ( 3.3% : 50) until it reaches 100% or until pull a SSR. Also pity is in 120 pulls and the tablets you get after pulls is actually huge since the shop for it is good.

Resources - Fairly easy, there is an auto feature AND an offline feature which is pretty neat, you can just log in back to get the resources u needed. Grinding for character xp is quite tough (I'd say like path to nowhere, but alot slower in early game)

Troupe reputation - or otherwise called as main xp, it is hard to get but theres things like Prestige Up (profile) and Missions to speed leveling up.

P2W? - For now, no. I'd say its pretty f2p friendly now, the pass (Tour Record) has free Star Sigils every 10 level (starts at lvl 5). Payed currency (Genesis Dubroistal, not to be confused with Standard Dubroistal) doesn't really mean much, its currently used for pulls, cosmetics and such. The deals too is really good to start with so u can buy that if u like.

Friendly people? - If you don't do weird stuff, yes. Theres atleast 100 channels so the people is very active.

Cute characters? - Yes, well debatable but for me yes. If my counting is correct there are atleast 4 male characters so hoping for more (I'm a male btw so)

Is there stuff to do other than adventure? - Idk yet havent reach that

Overall, its pretty good. Im only still level 13 but I'm sure there's still lot to do. So would I recommend, short answer is yes.


If ur scared to play cuz its in "Japanese", dont worry since it's not. uh Upbeats is an app that AI generates any video from the internet (haven't really know since I've only tried it with mv's) into a rhythm map. The ai generated maps might be scuffed, not on time or the beat might not be in synced but it's ai after all, it'll sort its way sooner or later. The "game" itself is pretty hard if i say so.

Now good things is that 1, you can choose any video/music if its on youtube (not sure if only in youtube) and 2 is that you don't have to wait for someone to do the map since just click play and the ai will make the map for yourself.

Only thing is that the first play is add free while the rest is not, well this really is reasonable since its free. (and vibrations)

Cadria Item Shop


breaks my phone but boost before review

review is um, not really my type. Its a business game and im not really good at that. Not saying its bad i can see the potential just not for me. Leaving a good rating to not sully the rating any further..

boob physics

Path to Nowhere


Yeah, really biased. First day downloading it im like meh, but today im addicted. It is but a tower defense with gacha ofc. Graphics is really good considering i have it at medium. Sound not really know since im deaf (not really). Storyline is good, or so i heard idk i skip it. The thing that got me is the characters. Very clever of using "criminals" as a theme, or just me, the sinners, or the characters just seem to be serious looking yet cute. Also made me forget Nikke so preeety good on my perspective.

Also i made friends! (not really).

Memento Mori


High expectations demanded quality. The game really fits its genre, afkrpg and it's story based. Graphics is really good for a 1gb game (excluding ingame resources e.g. character stories). the ui is kinda confusing at the start since its not like the usual RPGs but once u get the hang of it its good. Yeah overall good, will keep it since i have no games left

Idle Angels


need boost before thingy

Edit: pretty generic. One of those idle games, art is good tho

Tower of Fantasy | Global


Some people are telling this is a copy of genshin? You clearly havent explored the genre of open worldrpg. The game offers different bosses, creative combo's, big map and a large player base. It was released just a few days ago so servers might be a little too crowded. The queue sytem is really good. Exploration and ways to get xp to is big since you can raid labyrinth/bosses with friends [可憐].

this just a text i just want to get the frame, if ur wondering if the games good. yes it is, its pretty average if you've played the others versions

ALICE Fiction


The game itself is not that bad. After the second update they fixed lag issues and other annoying bugs the game is smoother now. You can read other game reviews other than this one cuz im bad at that.



Did a little grind until level 17 and loved the game.
It is but a simple concept, like Mindusty (if you know it) but less complicated. To sum it up, it is an economy strategy game, self explanatory. It is very simple and very easy because the tutorial gives basically all the things to know. It has campaign, sandbox mode, and user created levels. to add the finishing touches, it has no Ads (yes really). If you want to support the creator you can buy the "pro" version of the game named "Achikaps Pro", thats all

just read the proper review above dont mind this one

Grimlight | Global


needed to rewrite, f*ck
So the game itself is pretty generic, gets boring after you finish for now considering it just released. The level up feature is really interesting since you cant get xxp every match, quite annoying but you likely use everyone so just save up for the strong ones. can't really tell if the game is 5★favoured since i only got 2 5★ characters (one free and the other is first draw). Any other than that i wish the devs would add something too make the game more interesting like a tower or world chat

Moon Rabbit Raising


Honestly, the game is not that bad. The game itself is pretty easy since it has auto battle. The game is p2w but it is pretty f2w friendly. There is gacha and the tickets is pretty easy to get, also they give gems left and right. the only bad thing is that whenever you get something, there is no inventory to see where to use or the progress of the thing. nonetheless, its pretty fun

Toilet Escape


typa shit i want. very simple, escape the bathroom. i dont really know what to explain here since the title is self explanatory. i dont really know if there is levels considering the language is jp.

Genshin Impact



Soul Tide | Global


Honestly nothing wrong as of now, good gacha probabilities and not too hard to get gacha tickets.

The game is basically a dungeon-type with many to explore and turn-based fighting style. Outside is alsi plenty, u can date dolls (girls), design a dorm, and patrol a "town". There is a catch tho, every fight u do it takes a certain amount of Morality or the mood of the dolls and if that hits at a point, you can not use the doll.

Other than those, you can expect a good time playing. I'd say its pretty f2p friendly on the new servers AND the community is helpful as such they helped me throughh

Though this is a mobile game for League, it is quite similar

Graphics: even though I play in low graphics to reduce overheating, it is PRETTY DAMN GOOD for a mobile game.

Sound: Mommy Ahri's death shout/call in Japanese dub is just perfect. Sounds goes according to skill, pings, announce, and events. There is also dub for other countries.

Gameplay: Likewise to other MOBA games, its strategy team game.

Storyline: There aint exaclty a storyline but there is lore within every champion that can be accesed through there website (if im correct), wiki, and in League of Runeterra.

Only cons are the login time and queue, other than that the game is pretty satisfying.

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