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Lesbian and non - binary so I'm not straight they/them i like watching anime and some shows and playing video games
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Lesbian and non - binary so I'm not straight they/them i like watching anime and some shows and playing video games
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Spotify Music


It's Spotify what do you expect from it



Roblox isn't the best game to play and why well not only it has homophobic people but also racism, bullying and harassment, you will be meeting the worst people to ever exist in there. It's like discord but as a video game. I don't really recommend playing roblox especially if you wanna make friends there.

At the beginning i was excited to play the game but then it just became shit, you just have to find ghost or missing images it's really unnecessary honesty. But before downloading it i didn't even knew it was based on a Manga/anime... Interesting...

Easy Poser


It's not really considered a game, it's rather just a posing app for art references and stuff,it's cool but idk...

It's like any typical dress up game. The art style is cool i do really like it overall nice game

My Talking Tom Friends


It's a cool goofy game where you take care of kids, they all annoy me a lot and sometimes i enjoy beating them up cus they deserve it. Overall a goofy game you can play when your bored

I love it!!!!!! I love the vivid bad squad they are so gay and i love it <3

Shoujo City 3D


Shoujo city is a great game but not the best one tho, the gameplay is fun but also boring at the same time. Although at lot of people wanted to date a boy instead of a girl but the thing is that The title of the game is "shoujo city 3d" if don't understand that shoujo is a name similar to Yaoi and Yuri and those basically Mean (gay or lesbian hentie) but don't worry the game isn't hentie itself, i would recommend someone it although if they were ally or part of lgbt+ the game is still in development so not everything is done yet :), also you need to pay if u wanna see other things but its okay tho! Cus the game is still fun without paying to see half of the things :3
Although my final words is.... Download it but it's ur choice tho sooo idk about u but i like the game! (´∩ω∩`)

Gacha Club


It's a cool app you can make ocs and create a story but everyone problem is the fandom of this game, yeah I'll admit it yall are just some dog shits, the game itself is cool and not bad but the fandom just ruins it which is sad to hear :'(

Girls X Battle 2


The game is okay but the problem is the designs of the girls, some of them are half naked plus some of the girls look like if they were a child but actually is 3000 years old, (their is also a character that only has a towel as a costume) the gameplay is okay and fun it's not bad, I don't like the storyline of the game tho it's not very understanding, although the people who are usually on the English chat are quite mean, they will literally swear at anyone on there way (not all but theirs a lot) its still a good game nice graphics and I mean like I would recommend this game but to a person that likes anime girls :)

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


It's an amazing game would recommend you to play it :)

SAKURA School Simulator


It's a good game i really like it one of my favorite games ( ^ω^)

To be honest it's amazing

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Some sad news Sakura school simulator removed something Special because Google said no idk why, even the developer didn't like it but he didn't have any choice  Read Note
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