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I'm just here to collect white haired anime boys
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I'm just here to collect white haired anime boys
Game Comments (1)

Graphics: Not much to it but the artwork for the swords are superb, the UI and everything does show it's age so keep that in mind.

Sound: Top tier VAs, Soundtrack seems good to me, battle sounds are meh but as i mentioned above it is quite an old game

Gameplay: Look it is not for everyone, very simple gameplay but the game DOESN'T hold your hand, you will have to search for what specific sword styles do and which battles they excel in and their growth rates. You will spend most of your time on 4-4 levelling swords or doing events. Whilst battle is simple, there is quite a few mechanics for levelling swords/powering up swords.

Storyline: Not much in game/i believe it was watered down for the English release, if you're interested then watch the anime for it. TLDR; the boys are swords of famous people throughout history

Value: It is a good game, but it shows it's age, I hope they eventually do an overhaul.

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