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Princess Tale


Come join the Princess Tale Discord!

This game is THE gacha I've always been waiting for... it has all the criteria I look for: Clean 2D graphics in chibi style / Detailed Dmg Statistics window after battles (shows DPS/Healing/Dmg Received for all allies AS WELL AS enemies) / Unique and dynamic skill effects for four skills per unit allowing for creative synergy team-crafting / In-game Chat that's not broken or overly censored / SUPER F2P-friendly (the 7-day newbie event gives out a free premium 10-pull EACH DAY)

Plus: Theres NO stamina system and nearly 5% rates for SSR which is really high. You can even synchronize new Lv 1 units up to the lowest lvl in your main lineup for FREE through Crystal Room, and you can completely refund all the resources you invested in a unit for FREE in Rebirth Temple. I wish every gacha had these amazing QoL features...

I've only played a week so far, and I'm sure there's even more I'll find to love about this game, definitely a keeper in my book.

I made an unofficial discord where players can chat and share tips about the game:
Hope to see yall there! ^^

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