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Rpg for Life,Moba for Bored
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Rpg for Life,Moba for Bored
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Good graphic and the physic of the character really realistic.almost feel likes you playing on console.Movement,skill very eye candy.Not froze and stiff like other android games.The most part is the mechanism of the game,very unique even it repetitive but you need effort and grinding to make sure your character growth strong.Every bosses need different equipment to be defeated.This game doesn't have character classes because you need to find and use the right equipment for defeat boss or PvP.There is plenty of equipment to try.every single equipment is unique and have different skills movement.So you will not be bored.It quite hard to play but who want easy arpg game right.This game also friendly to f2p too.The only thing expensive only skins and pet system.But you can get free pet day by day on you continue playing.Just need patients and farming.The thing i like,i can settle my daily quest or event with short time so it friendly for busy people too.Except if you want fast upgrade your equipment,you need spend more time same like other rpg.But this game no need to rush except if you want to be crowned on pvp arena and guild war. I enjoyed playing this game.Really like this one,i think i will continue playing this game for years.Final words,this game is future proof.

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Sign up for Korea Server im just telling to new comers, please play on korea server for the best free gift from dev.You will get philipa and tiki for free plus you can unlock all secret skill tiki for free cold and lightning nightfall can echant to e3 and get Legendary nightfall get all 2019 Christmas skin for free.and more free gift for starters.This game is worth to play even you are spender or f2p..This game is no p2w type.All you need is grinding and farming.Need effort to succeed.The only thing to spend if you are spender is skin.other than that you can obtain day by day.-cont on comments section- Read Note
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