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Isle of Genesis - Avalon





fine for wasting time

League of Pantheons


f2p still can be ranker if u want to do it tho (my play time only 2-5 hour/day[15-20 mins/hour]) and im at big 50
this game is much easier than other game i play tho

Blade Girl: Idle RPG


full of bug........[發火]

Shoujo Kaisen | Japanese


all is good
from gameplay to artworks
just its sometimes force close cause the cache is pretty big
the drawback is toooooo many "oppai" character
give me moar loli pls
additional information:
the events literally to short but the quest pretty hard (beginners challenge only 1 week and the last 2 day quest literally abysmal hard)

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null element raid @神姫project 
literally the most bothersome raid boss
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