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l Quite genshin

Pokemon Unite


there is big issues in this game for people who has not excellent wifi if your wifi being not high and you lost connection in middel in this game "pvp "they deleat points from your compte for exempel in first disconection they remove you 5 piont after 8 and third time 10 in tolal of 95 piont and when you reached 70 you won't be able to play ranked matches in low that you dont play in fair wtf

BLEACH: Brave Souls


steel wait for anime but it steel he and my boi narutoo deserves better games[白眼]

Blue Archive | Japanese


nexon nooooo stop ur bosh***t

SuperStar YG | Global


u dont have R cards you wont win p2w [憋屈][發怒] but for my GD ,And blink blink girls lam in [鬼臉]



long short story dokkan is better[難過]

TAPTAPTAP [開心][開心]

the shaft in this game is like hell guys fix the rate [大哭]

MARVEL Future Revolution


hi f2p people please dont waste your data and time on this game its 99,99% heavy p2w



another failed to making a serious good gasha game for this legend dude[委屈]

the shaft here is real and the jems are litel and rare!p2w[發火]

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