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Best game.

Your Majesty


Finished the available story mode so far, this game is actually pretty nice.
It's very simple but has details that tells you how much dedication was put while making this.

It's an auto rpg game that you can make full auto or manually tap skills while your characters keep fighting by themselves.
The story includes a pair of twins (boy and girl) that you choose to be your hero character (you), and can change whenever you want to. This hero will help your "kings" with a shield that can be upgraded to withstand specific elements.

You can put 4 kings in your battle deck and depending on rarity, you can choose them to be sacred or tyrannical, both available for ASR rarity and unlocked with dupes shards. Sacred and tyrannical have each their strengths and weaknesses.

Also, for SR or more, your kings can deploy a special power while their song starts playing with an epic tune.
It's really nice that the story and music have great artists and writers.

It's nice, very different from the memento mori and worth playing.

Dolphin Wave


Will change my score when they actually address the incompatibility issues.

Memento Mori


Man, it's disheartening how reviews are based on "I don't like the gameplay, so it's not good". This is an AFK RPG, story driven game. You come here because you don't want to do the same thing over and over again, instead you like watching those numbers changing alone without much input
The game as an afkrpg, is easily the best I've ever played this game year.

Beautiful art, incredible VAs, superior music. This is intended for you to play it as a movie. You'll be transported to a different world with your senses, and keep going forward to reach the end of the story. Tbh, it doesn't feel like you are expected to farm intensely. Please give it a try, and treat it as a movie and not something that wasn't your typical genshin clone stuff.

Infinite Stratos the game. Girls in exoskeleton armor, and not male protagonist.
Lonely boy made a very unfair review, the game has pretty good sounds, outstanding VAs, incredible graphics and animations.
It's not even an auto game, it gives you a detailed description of what to do, how to use your weapons, your ammo, etc.
It has many modes, and the free chars you get are nice and beautiful.



My super biased opinion here. This game is actually good. I admit it is a cheap FGO copy, but it's simplicity, godlike VA and actually fun storyline makes it a very good game. Also it's pretty generous, the combat system, while automatic, has its strategy part. All girls are cute/sexy.

Idle RPG with Koneko


You are a neet that got a cat girl, and you need to provide her with a good house, including meals, doctor, etc.
The only idle part here is you making money by the second, nothing else. You just wait or pay to earn enough money to make your cat girl happy. There are 3 of them Shiroro, Cloe and Chacha.
Tbh, this one is a big no. Not a good idle an not a good simulation game either.

Star Thunder: Duel


Surprisingly good, it's quite simple, and the tutorial doesn't bother you at all. Recommended for those that are looking for a simple hell bullet shooter game

Planet Smash


Ads, Ads and more Ads. The concept is good, the graphics are okay but you have ads for every single thing, also ads on screen. Skip this idle game for your sanity.

Persia and magic puzzles


Jewelry type of game, you mission is making princess Persia going through the door that appears while beating mobs and destroying stuff like candy crush. Quite good if you are tired of candy crush or those lazy copycats. Also voices are plus.

It is quite good, despite all the needed improvements in the UI, the game live up to the expectations of d&d type of game. Also, the devs know quite a good bunch of Lovecraft references.
Recommended for those looking for a simple rpg game with no other bs than the story itself.

My honest review as an old Lost Zero player.

I'm not going to give u bs about its technical stuff since it's superb both graphics and gameplay.

Don't confuse it with with Index game please. This game makes Index game look so low budget and cluttered, with maaany upgrade options for a single char. Not a bad game, but it made me feel exhausted to play it.

As an old LZ player, it's a pleasure to finally get another mahouka game that includes many "upgrades" from the last game. The story mode and the music are definitely two of the best parts, starting from the initial installation video.
Gacha has the usual free banner for daily stuff.
The paid gacha that needs your money, the ticket gacha that u can pull with game rewards, the special ticket that is not well known for me currently. And the pleb gacha using those crystals you get from rewards.

The gacha, for me, has been fantastic so far. 3x10 for the complete beach set.

My recommendation, use gacha crystals only for event banners.

The game looks very trimmed, with no lots of icons, options, etc. Stylish while simple. The game use the usual element-weakness-advantage, sub chars for enhancing fighters/tanks/healers etc.

Sections so far (that I've unlocked) are story, original story, daily farming gold & exp.

And the last thing here, available auto mode. This is branched as; auto battle for one instance, auto quest for the game to keep advancing through the story mode instances, and no auto for manual playing. So you can either play yourself, or let it complete a battle, or let it complete story while being absent doing whatever. Also the skip tickets are there for fast farming.

I miss LZ, but this new one is steadily gaining more of my affection with all the new stuff.

A must have if you love idle games + anime girls.
It has lots of upgrades and very cute and sexy characters.
You can easily forget about that and just keep it idle, log in sometimes and you'll level up just fine.

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