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A living that wanders on the depths of hell called "Gacha"
Professor Shenlin 57749189

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A living that wanders on the depths of hell called "Gacha"
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Special Forces Group 2


better than Cod, Ros, Pubg and you can't changed my mind.

Action Taimanin | Global


Yukikaze Gang


I used to play this in browser back in the days.

Very good game to pass time with.

Don't play this game, You'll get depression and PTSD.



my top 2's favorite offline game.

All songs are obtainable by playing.
No pay walled songs.

Best offline rhythm game.

Clash of Clans | Global


Every boomer's favorite game, me included.

How To Raise a Harem


A game with top tier waifu arts ruined by p2w mechanics.

Game is good but hope no one will cause a ruckus like Mofornica recieving death threats in jp because people think the new band is shit.

we should love all bands[色色][色色][色色]

Kingdom Rush


This is by far, my most favorite game at all time.

I remember simping on how cool is Vez'nan[厲害][厲害][厲害]

Greatest TD game at all time, no one can't change my mind.



Arknights Theme and Gameplay+ Epic Seven Graphics

Now you have this one.

Custom Cast


rejecc hooman
become waifu

Lord of the Other World


1 more day because of maintenance, meaning the server will open at 29/3

Game is great but this game has SPOILER CUTSCENES, avoid playing it if you don't want to get spoiled. LN readers gets a pass.

Graphics are fcking good especially their l2d

Gameplay is like Magia Record/Fate Grand Order but without the disk.

The game is a bit generic but i'll love the franchise[色色]

All hail Roxy-Sama!!

The other character's chinese designs what makes me rate the graphics 5/5, yes i know im biased towards it.

Gameplay is generic, Hugs mode is like the yellow notes from Phigros or from Catching Fruits in Osu.

Not sure why people wants more global audience.
First, this game is on Japanese, no stüpid non-Japanese speaking people will even bother the game in the first place. Also the fact that it can't be access to western google playstore thus makes it hard to find Global fans.

Also being underrated doesn't make it good.
There's a reason why its underrated, only fools who finds looking down on popular just for the sake of feeling special.

Well if you like this game then sure no problem, but when you start to gatekeep popular ones just for the sake of feeling special for playing underrated games, then you're a piece of shit.

Beetle und PANZER


Im a big fan of beetles in general so i played this game. But seems like its impossible to dodge all attacks due to how fast are projectiles.



So they attempted to copy Phigros also the theme setting gives me a Cytus Vibe. Well not like it bothers me.

Gameplay is like a combination of Voez and Phigros but without the annoying flicks which it's easier.

Also there's some waifus you can choose in the User Interface which is definetly a must to have!

Raising a Magical Girl


TLDR for the game:

Gameplay is Epic 7 but with unending waves and put it some User Interface in the gameplay and there you'll have "Raising a Meguca"

The songs are good especially if you are a fan of vocaloid

Gameplay feels smooth af, flicks isn't that annoying and i like the sliders.

The Waifus and Husbando here has great art.

Also i like my waifus dancing while i FC songs.

Overall Miku/10

Einstein best girl[開心][開心][開心][開心][開心][開心]

This game fucks my thumbs so hard it makes me extremely tired each time i play expert and i love it.

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