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time flies like cats
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time flies like cats
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folks like to dunk on Honkai a lot because Genshin and newer games exist but visually it puts the emphasis on the valkyries and the enemies. As this truly is a beat'em up ladder play experience that is where it should be and they look amazing.

also said gameplay as a sort of tactical thinking tekken vs AI ladder play experience is really darn fun if you enjoy putting together your best possible strategy of units and execution.

folks dunk on the storyline but the manga fleshes it out, the songs are killer, yes it is melodramatic, but it hits a lot of us in the feels and is remarkably twisty for something that starts with a bunch of punching on an airplane. it just takes a certain level of investment to pull out all the bits and pieces of story.

or you can just get really into ladder play best time boss killing. kek.

i will say that it is painful on f2p players who arent viciously active and taking advantage of every little opportunity for crystal. pulls are expensive and high level play is an investment. if you want just enjoy yourself you can do any piece of content without spending a dime but you might start to get jealous of the alt costumes and folks with better kits.

there have been huge quality of life updates that have been brought to the global app and they really make what was half a year ago a niche but perfect console-ish FFTactics spinoff of the FFBE side franchises. Now the UI elements, crafting, guild perks, non-story missions for materials and other small touches are better in line for a good experience as an ongoing mobile game.
also the "watch ad for visore" got a healthy update better materials and better payout at the end.
plus the huge crisis of not being able to get limit break shards for limited units that do not have shard quests is eased with being in a guild with an upgraded barracks. is it slow? yes. but 2 a day is in line with the shard quests so at least it is fair.
ex-jobs are a little OP/broken and tilting the pvp towards whales but f2p players have access to great ex-job units and you can horde free currency for targetted banners since not all units are made equal. Tidus one of the kings of the meta was free. same with warrior of light about to get his ex-job. you have to put work into the unit but you wont be chasing a banner just to get it.
rounds of very liberal freebies every month or two also help in a big way.
if you only want to play the story and enjoy a really good FFtactics experience please dont spend a cent and this is console quality. good story good art good mechanics. worth the learning curve.



[色色] if you can read Japanese SkyLeap is the best mobile way to play GBF. The app is not offered outside of the JP region in Google Play or Apple App Store because this isn't CyGames and they have no intention on translating it. stop asking in the wrong place. also, several nice people on reddit have made translation maps of the menus to help you setup skyleap. once you have your swipe gestures and to do list rolling you will only be looking at icons and ignore the lack of English.
but on mobile this is absolutely the fastest loading "get that raid so you can do the event daily" browser hands down.

reddit the nice guides or stick to chrome. This is not marketed outside of Japan. Qoo just happens to not region lock the apk install.

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skyleap is running a survey! i read japanese but many of you do not and complain that skyleap is not translated etc etc. even if it isnt legit released in any non-jp store... anyhoo [白眼]
JP semi-to-proficient folks, here is our chance to help.[哇噻] when you see the ankeeto pop-up Say Yes b/c "what feature would be good in SkyLeap" open answer box is at the end!
give your real mobage ID please and do the boring multichoice fill ins. its the typical stuff. how did you find. why did you download. what features attracted you. what features do you actually use.
then comes the juicy "attara ii na?" open box. here is our moment to help.
me? to give you inspo i wrote the blurb below but dont rip it off copy paste or they will think someone is botting the survey. just helping get your JP flowing[微笑]
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