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Cheru! My Instagram @Cheruxii_ Harry Potter (and Tom Riddle) my beloved
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Cheru! My Instagram @Cheruxii_ Harry Potter (and Tom Riddle) my beloved
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instagram is..pretty a bland app. beside the app is for well,average app but more stuff in it and also for enternaintment. the algorithmn sucks and always look down or put down new/small creator which upset me. the algorithmn is also unfair. the app itself is quite similar to tiktok,but weird. your feed out of nowhere will pop out weird or random stuff you never search or find. I prefer the old instagram. the recent or the instagram we have now,just loose all the charm

this game is really fun and good. sadly when you reach lvl 40-50 you will get bored and have nothing to do if you're F2P. devsis also seems to be spoiling P2W by giving them more diamonds and cubes for alliances and Arena Grandmaster rank. for f2p,you need to save up alot of diamonds since the start and roll for cookie thats good for the arena and adventures. i suggest you to watch youtuber who play and rate the cookie characters. dont waste too many diamonds when you start playing!

the game design,storyline,graphics,music are amazing and well done. recommend everyone who interested on this game. if you're f2p or p2w,you can play this game :)!

overall,this game took alot of storage for some reason,for me its almost 3GB and its a pain in the butt if you are running out of storage and the update is coming. Thats all,have fun [開心]

Genshin Impact


BEAUTIFUL- EVERYTHING!! The one that made it not fun is the Gacha RNG and the storage! more updates means more sacrificing (✘﹏✘ა)

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They massacred Tom Riddle HELP
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