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I forgot this account existed HAHAAHAHAH
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Girls Academy


A brief review. This game is your typical raising gacha sim with a few tweaks of 2d combat. The story is niche and the sound is mediocre compared to other similar hame however the graphics for the girls are well made.

[鬼臉]Damn, I hope the storyline is much more updated to the story but anyways this game is quite godd if you're wondering. You can get plenty of the the gems from the events but most of them are located from the tower and the story. I have no qualms to music and graphics and all. Maybe you can try it when you have the time[害羞]

Dislyte | Global


This game is great!! A gem that's soon to rise. The music really pumps you up to play more of this. The graphics astonishingly well made. I can't say for sure but I think you will like this game[害羞][大哭][大哭]

OH~! My Office


I'm playing for about a year now, yes it's boring when you're done on story or collected most of the units but the thing is the story is prettty cute to read [委屈]that's the reason i'm still hanging. Overall this game is incredible to spent time on, i wish the story to progress more though [大哭]

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