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He/him random person loving Riddle Rosehearts, Idia and Malleus/TWST so much also background made by me
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He/him random person loving Riddle Rosehearts, Idia and Malleus/TWST so much also background made by me
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Lilia woke me up at 3 am this time by hanging down like a bat and wanting to play videogames
Azul is the one person that will pretend to die and actually would be the only one alive if the world ends
Jade became Floyd at least once of his life (Halloween Event ref//)
Slay bitches with Rook with oui oui baguette
Vil will teach you how to be classy yet using v i o l e n c e
Malleus will finally appear once in your life
Rollo is literally just Rollo
Ortho once again will be either the MVP or the one beaming the whole school


Real review time:

Differences between both versions: This one is literally harder to play (not because of the language) but because of the events missed and grinding all lessons and all and everything lvl 0 also.

* Facts *


Also something that I actually learnt from this version is: If you don't get the limited character you're guaranteed for next time like loosing 50/50 to genshin

It's easier to grind gems for a new player than a veteran

I prefer the "Rhythmic" term than Twistunes

YOU CANT PAY ANYMORE UNLESS YOU HAVE A JAPANESE BANK ACCOUNT so nope it's not a whale game or extremely p2win oriented like **coughs** Enstars.



Idia singing made my soul blessed PLUS FRICKING MALLEUS AAAAA (⁠ ⁠;⁠∀⁠;⁠)

10/10 gothic aesthetic game as expected of the author of Black Butler

Conclusion: if you're a new player it's lots of copium and luck but you'll get an ssr eventually since it's the best f2p game ever

Also I already reviewed how amazing this game is in the English version so I won't repeat myself / check it out for a better idea of the gameplay and all just thought it would be dumb to do a copypaste of it here.

Would you like to do a double suicide with me 💕 - Osamu Dazai

A friend recommended me this and honestly I'm happy to play it.

Unlike other games the SSR's rate pretty high like 3%

When you start you're guaranteed an SSR , log in gives an SSR ticket or when you're a returning player

Easy to get "moons" (equivalent of gems in gacha gems)

The storyline has been respected , everything is detailed , makes sense even side characters are SSRS too

Though there's not characters from S3 or the manga later on. The manga stopped at 48ish chapters out of 100+

Let's hope for more content soon!

In short this game is f2p friendly , a good way to kill time and you can be casual.

Events and Scout banner change frequently , there's always a lot to do.

Also unlock the event "Dead apple" as soon as you can it gives a free SSR it's in events>memories>dead apple (the first one)

Powering up characters is an hassle at first then once you manage to get one character UR it gets way easier.

Pro tip : healers are super important so build your srs that can heal you'll need them , try to get SSRS that can heal absolutely

I love the chibi cute style, never experimented any lag I hope this game will last forever legit I'm so hooked-

9.5/10 overall

I'm removing a 0.5 point because I would love they include s3 too but it's nearly perfect! (legit a detail I'm nitpicking on)

Happy there's an English version I can finally can understand what everyone says + stories

Absolutely don't play this game I spent a lot on it and regret it , it's p2win definitely, cosuming your soul way worse than any gacha games or even ensemble stars

The lag is terrible , everything is outdated , it's always the same clubs getting the good stuff

It's impossible to rank even if you pay , everything is overpriced , the rng is rigged about everything

This game is legit a scam stay away from it people !

Stay away from enstars once you start you never go back , you start to like things you never did before and become insane.

Your wallet will scream, your friends would call you insane and you'd loose the last braincells you have and thinking: eating is optional rIgHt???

These pretty boys are going to steal your soul and everything you own , doing rituals so they come home, using your parents credit card, doing contracts to demons, staying up at 4 am even though you have exams and school, whenever you have a break time you play enstars , you consume enstars and cry enstars especially for events.

You would be either f2p or a whale , once you start spending you will never stop.

Plus there's an anime so you won't escape it at all , the merch will also run to you like: PSPSPSPS BUY ME !

You have been warned.

You joined? Then welcome to enstars hell ! Let's cry together then (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。


It means Dance of the Swords really a pretty title !

This game has hidden content over the internet, the English version is quite unfinished but

You have a new game coming out soon BUT 3D LIKE OMG on switch and pc, musical concerts , anime and merch !!! It's out May 25th like woooahhh I can't wait-

It's such a underrated hidden gem , the story is lacking because they didn't do it in that English version but it's available in Japanese so the Wiki might help and the anime makes you understand stuff better too !

But it's an old game and same studio as DMMD (Dramatical Murder) so they're really really amazing at games you won't regret it

You can be casual in this game and it's very very f2p friendly , the grinding is fair (it's not h24) you can have your own pace at doing events , the rewards are usually worth it

When they release mass characters needing koban (money of the game) right after they do a koban treasure chest event well it's heavy grinding but you do whatever you want like: I want that much amount and rest (that's what I do)

The forge system is very nice: you use materials to get characters and troops (armor for your characters) and the wiki is beyond complete, about the rng /chances of getting a character so getting ssrs is possible or the strongest swords

Character design: 5/5 best game about it so far

Everything is amazing and worth playing , at least you won't cry because of rng but because you won't have much materials anymore during a time

But playing with friends is better imo you can find out stuff together because sometimes it's not that obvious but as I said the wiki helps a tooonn

Also it's not a competitive game against others which is amazing 🌸

But once you entered touken ranbu hell you never go back from it it's addictive in a good way-

Do not play this game if you don't want to see Lilia hanging down like a bat at 3 am , Azul crying over a lost coin , Malleus yeeting himself every second, Sebek yelling because he lost Malleus again, Floyd fighting everyone, Jade stealing your popcorn 🍿, Idia hacking the school computers, Jamil being done of life and everything, Epel being Epel , Vil being your coach about your life goals and much more... (Also these are not spoilers but according to their personality)

Anyways real review time:


Honestly one of the best gacha games so far , f2p friendly definitely easy to get a 10 roll, by logging in , doing weekly quests and they're really easy it's usually "Play Twistunes 5 times." (That's the rhythm minigame)

The gacha rate isn't so bad everyone so far manages to get SSRS easily you can't just have 1 SSR you'll have plently

Stories do NOT cost any energy and you can always read them again

The game is meant to be causal even though the energy recharges very very fast you have 10/10 yes but events and log in give a lot of "shards" (way to restore energy) and events / shop as well

Promotions about 10 rolls are great 250 dias for 10 key while a 10 roll is 300 dias you basically save 50 dias

Whenever there's someone birthday you get a 10 roll

All srs are stunning you never get disappointed with the artstyle.

Story 5/5 Truly a ride.

Chara design 5/5 (It's made by the author of Black Butler also)

Events 5/5 Beanfest is truly enjoyable or the cooking event

Gameplay 4/5 Twistunes system is quite bleh for me but doesn't ruin the game experience nor the story it's just hard and normal that are insane.

Characters 5/5 you'll love them all for sure there's nobody you can hate or else fight me if you do

Voicelines are kinda funny and funky sometimes, and different from the original but still makes sense to the characters and give a funny view it doesn't bother me.

But everything is *chefs kiss* a beautiful mess of a game we all love here , this game has its own aesthetic and I'm living for it.

That was my first review hopefully it was complete enough and excuse my poor English too sgsghs-

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