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Love you <3
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Love you <3
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Twitch isnt a game so the ratings don't really apply. Great service, but the mobile app is definitely worse than the browser so get that if you can.

Honestly such a fun game. It's cute, fun, simple, and f2p friendly!



I know the ratings are good, but that's not really the full story. The game is not very free to play friendly and really restricts you with optimal teams. Not to mention the minimal currency. If you'rr willing to spend money, i think you'd have an okay experience.

TLDR; ratings are good, but this game is a certified bruh moment.


Tbh, I personally didn't pay attention to the story, it isn't being added onto and hasn't been updated in years, but i heard it was pretty lackluster. This game is by far the best mobile game I've ever played.

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