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I love SEEC games. SEEC pls notice my love for you guyssssssss
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I love SEEC games. SEEC pls notice my love for you guyssssssss
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I was really excited to try this its really good and fun like Pmuse!! but why does my connection keep getting lost whenever i do coop performance [大哭][大哭][大哭]

Afterlife Hotel


I can't understand japanese but the music the art the gameplay 😭😭😭



Then again SEEC your games are number 1. I seriously didn't expect that she would be the murderer 😢.

This app is very nice. its like messenger

I'm very happy i found previous japanese posted videos i liked here :>

SINoALICE | Global


The game is fun and all but it just doesn't give me the hype in gameplays 🥲 ... its a good game though! pretty sure others will find it very hype :>

Yet Another one of SEEC's masterpieces ❤ The gameplay is nice and so is the story. Nao is really cute 😭

Yet another masterpiece ❤ I'm so happy that she found him 😭😭. The stills are so cute ❤❤

I really love this ❤❤ Thank you for this masterpiece as well SEEC and Dova Syndrome! I felt real sad when i reached the endings...

This is another masterpiece from SEEC ❤❤ The story is so sad .. 😢 I'm happy that their both not lonely now ❤❤ Thank you again SEEC and Dova Syndrome for this exquisite masterpiece ❤❤

I love this game very much ❤❤❤ I like how cute and soft the drawing style and coloring is ❤ SEEC has given us yet another masterpiece

[怪笑]I'm still on chapter 6 but so far i love the gameplay! Thank you SEEC for giving us another masterpiece ❤️ I love the stills and mini characters of pochi their so cute ❤️



Best place to get illustrations :)))))

Bubble Patissier


Its so kawaii. i like how she looks like Mai chan 🥰🥰

Yotsume God -Reunion-


I was really waiting for this TwT and now it came yay

Identity V | Global


IDV has been my good friend since childhood thank you for giving me an exciting experience, netease 😌✨️

Yotsume God | English


I love 四ツ目神 very much ❤❤ This could be my most favorite main game. ( sorry if i had commented late XD )Mai chan is too kawaii 🥺 ❤❤ And their story makes me cry everytime i play Mr. Ishikura and SEEC, Thank you for giving us these masterpieces ❤❤ and Thank you to Dova Syndromes for the BGMs their beautiful ❤❤ specially koto ni saku hana for Yotsume God ❤❤❤

Arknights | English


I very much love arknights. its a good gacha game. but i just wanna say. that the latest event WD EX 8 just made me cry :>>>

Yotsume God | Japanese


I really love this game :3

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