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I feel like I've seen this game somewhere before.
But its an okay game. You move by attaching an end of the noodle at an object by tapping the screen.

I would just have wished for the attach function to have a separate button and not get activated by tapping anywhere on the screen. Because that leads to misinputs.

But overall its alright :)

the combat is really fun but whyyy do I lose everything and have to start all over when I die :( [大哭]

I don't think I've ever played a game this close to absolute perfection



tetris but you have a character that moves on your blocks. I really sadly dont exactly understand the mechanics though, sometimes my blocks disappear, other times they dont. It would be fun if I understood it :(

Witch & Fairy Dungeon


so I was browsing the game gacha looking for old, indie games and this game is exactly what I was looking for.

the gameplay is really fun, its a bullet hell dungeon kind of game with fun skills. Its a bit easy at first but after you get to like dungeon level 16 it gets harder. Grinding for gear happens while advancing the main dungeon, if you die you can just restart from where you died.

I really enjoy the combat. Dodging and item management is fun

Burning Spirit!


I cant speak japanese, but this game is really cute

Star Shoot VS


amazing game to play with a friend locally. Easy to get into and really fun



You primarily get stronger by dying. Your ressources transfer across death but your characters and their upgrades reset every death. You die when your princess dies. Your have a party of 4 which can not move during battle (princess excluded). The skills are fun to use and there are some really unique ones. There is definetly some amount of strategy involved. You can auto play by not playing for a few hours. You can use gold to unlock secret skills and stat boosts.

The soundtrack is really cool, its different from PLEX's bgm but awesome too. You can play it offline after starting it for the first time.

I think this game is pretty cool!

Jetpack Joyride


I played this game sooo often when I was younger. My friends and I started playing it again for the fun of it and this game is really fun for some time, although it gets kinda boring after some time.
Jetpack Joyride has a dragonball starter kit which is really cool (it costs money though)! This is a good game if you have no internet connection, because there are lots of ads and there are better games you can play. Good to kill a short period of time

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sad mmmm I would love to play this but the servers are down :( Read Note
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