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shiratori-airabu in wattpad
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A3! | Japanese


i miss A3 so much. but to think I come back to it and Sakyo looks so sexy for his birthday card. holy dang, Twst and Enstars should take notes .

i love idia shroud and malleus draconia

they are very cool

Styling Girl


There isn't really a story line, but it's a very fun game to play just to pass time

Kono Warui Koneko!


I think the graphics are good but it's hard to get premium currency, and once you go to the gacha you get crappy stuff. The gameplay is pretty interesting tho I prefer the standard rythym games, but if you enjoy a type of gacha game that is similar to that of an RPG fighting game or something, I think you'll like this.

Ensemble Dream


The double jumps are kind of eh. but it's good concept. i wanna see a version with the ensemble stars and girls cast jumping xd

Okay, I didnt understand the JP one very much. But I think the Beta is good. I'm looking forward for the global release though! And hope I'll be luckier in there. xD

PS: Stan Vivid Bad Squad

Give me Mark Twain!!!!

While I like the old one's 3d animations, this one isn't that bad. At least it saves space for my phone because of the 2d animations. The UI is so smooth for my phone, though I think some phones may experience lag. And I will save up for Saki.

This game is epic. I was very hesitant at first because of my storage space but when I heard that it only takes 2 gb of space, I instantly downloaded it.
The gameplay is great, and the UI reminds me of Arknights. The waifus are very pretty but the 2 main dudes both look like Gawain from FGO.

-Also please don't see this as a Honkai Clone. It just has the same gameplay as Honkai, much like Action Taimanin and Agent of The Nigh thingy game.

Dragalia Lost


The graphics are very cute. I'm guessing it's also the same team that worked on Uma Musume chibis.But the dragons. They are so beautiful and immaculate.

The gameplay isn't actually that bad? I was quite reluctant at first but yay! I honestly though it would be a boring turned base game. xD
The gacha is pretty okay. The 3 stars arent so bad to use, kinda like Fate Grand Order which is a good thing.

This game is pretty good. But maybe it is because I am a starter. I honestly have no care about doing PVP but my -oh my, I am thankful that someone reccomeded this to me. I pretty much only played it for a certain blonde knight and was able to get her. 😍 But maybe that is my bias with the game.
Tbh I was very skeptical at first because I am recently bored of turn based RPG games (despite how beautiful the graphics are like Lord of Heroes, Priconne and Food Fantasy) but this one has quite nice gameplay but it is kind of boring but it is still good.
The gacha system kinda reminds me of FGO, but there are more ways to get the said currency. Like doing quests, completing acheivements and raising a towns affection. (Though Imma save up to buy my waifu new clothes)

Okay this game is very interesting and the controls are pretty smooth for an old game. My only problem is how the hell are all the contents free as the anouncement said? But it's still a pretty epic game otherwise.

[開心] Yay I can finally play it! My only gripe with this game is that the loading is very slow in my phone but it is very worth it!

Tbh, I know nothing about Macross but this game is so good!!!

The gameplay is so interesting and so smooth that it feels so good once completed.
The songs are very nice! It ranges from soft songs to some party rock!
The aesthetic is very great. It's a good mix of scifi nineties and modern takes of idol girls.The girls look so cute. Especially Freyja!!!
I reccommend this game alot [開心]

This one is rather interesting. The guys look pretty hot and the artstyle is something that I find unique.
I haven't read any stories of it yet but it probably is something interesting.
All I have a nitpick on is the gameplay. I haven't gotten clue how to stop the auto play in this one. Please do help me how to change the settings for that.

Tokimeki Idol


I love this game . It's like a sandbox rhythm game for some reason , but I really like it a lot . I love the girls and the songs sound really pretty .

Re:Stage! Prism step


This game is pretty moe and cool . I like the puzzle aspect despite how dumb I am .

Gakuen Handsome


best otome ever !!!!



This game is chill and fun , but why won't you drop Miss Cyan or maybe even Selen and Daru Dayu .

But and again ,this game is very fun to play and if you like rock , nekomimi or you're bisexual or smth .this game is a paradise .
the vocals of the characters are filled with passion and everyone is very cute .
Pls stan Arcareafact or just Selen himself .
Stan Tsurezure too cuz Daru Dayu is a goddess and she can step on my degenerate face .

I wish there was an English version . All i can say.

Sanrio Boys


I have seen the anime like 2 years ago , and I wish this has an English version . These guys taught me that it's okay to like feminine things (and being feminine doesn't make you weak ),and it doesn't make you weird to like what you like . and I want Yuu-chan to be my big brother .

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Chiakiiii #WhoYouWannaMarry 
I love him but it is a bit unrequited since he wont come home. 
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