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N-INNOCENCE- | English


So many people review hating on this game just because they can't play it outside of NA. Well, guess what, the same exact thing happened when it released in JP and got region locked to JP only. There are many games I wish I could play but are region locked to Japan. Yes, it sucks, but why hate the games for it? I just don't understand these people.

Overall, the game itself is fun. They've given us QoL updates regarding resource farming right out of the gate, which JP version had to wait for months to come through.

Gameplay is engaging enough that you don't just auto everything and forget you were even playing the game.

Story is nice to read in EN, since I did play a couple of months on JP when it released. Sure there are some typos here and there but I personally don't care, so long as the general context makes sense and nothing is messy.

Rates and prices are fair, and actually have good value packs if you want to spend. You don't need to chase all the SSR characters at alll, even 1* rarity are upgradeable to max rarity and do just as well.

To haters - you are free to complain that you can't play all you want but that doesn't help your cause. There are many other games on the horizion, just move on to something else at this point. Posting a terrible review only because you can't play is just childish.

To potential and current enjoyers - good luck with the pulls and have fun!

N-INNOCENCE- | Japanese


Here's my take on this game. After playing it for a week now, overall, it's a fun game to play. HOWEVER, my biggest gripe with it is that charater progression is WAY TOO SLOW. You need an outragious amount of resources to level just one out of 6 skills every single character has, and you need even more of them with each upgdare. To level a character takes an immense amount of resource grinding to even get past the initial level cap of 30. Don't get me started on gear grinding.

While gameplaywise, it's a very nice and interesting take on implementing fighting game mechanics, it falls short on character progression and stamina regeneration. It took a full day to regenerate 40 stamina! How on earth are you supposed to play this game and grind with such a slow stamina regen rate? You either give us a lot more stamina to use without having to infinitely recharge it for crystals, or make the AP required to grind smaller. It's crazy how this system came out on release. You literally get to do 2-3 lvl4 resource grinds per day at the current rate of stamina regen.

It would have been a great game if character progression and stamina were impletemnted better. Gameplay itself is great but you just feel so pressured into grinding your ass off to get even a single character to a decent power level.

Kids on the block would say that it's a "pay-to-win" game. While you're not exactly "winning" anything in this game, having near infinite recharges for stamina that cost 50 crystals and give 100 stam a pop can surely boost your grinding capabilities. But I will warn anyone who wants to give this game a try, pay at your own risk.

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VERY F2P FRIENDLY This is probably my very first, Honest to God, F2P gacha game, because Google Play now blocks any purchases in JP games made from NA accounts. Don't know why that is, but I simply can't buy anything even if I wanted to. Nevertheless, this game is extremely generous with pulls and rates. None of that 1% BS. Below is 3 days worth of gaming. Read Note
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