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AI: Art Impostor


mobile version is unplayable if you don't have any PC friend that has the steam version. they restricted the mobile version to invite only

Memento Mori


the art and music is easily top tier, all characters has their own theme songs, and all of the songs has two version depending on the voice language you use (JP or EN). no kidding, the music absolutely slaps. The gameplay is...well, it's an idle game, so nothing much to say.

edit : to hear the song you need to go into into character index, pick any character, and then tap "download lament" to listen to the song. you can also view the lyrics by tapping the song title

Somehow this game gave me strong atelier series vibes, I like it. Seamless transitions when entering and exiting combat, smooth combat and gameplay, cozy background musics, cute chibis in the town, customizable MC (from faces, hair, to clothes. sadly, MC is only visible in town), has day-night cycle, and you can interact with another players in the town.

The game language is japanese(obviously), but for those who can't read japanese, the story quest is voiced so..yeah, you might be able to understand one or few things.

For the gacha, the rates are fair enough, 2.5% for SSR character, 7.5% for SR character, 10% SR card, 80% R card. yes, the gacha contains both characters and cards.

I swear, the graphics and character design is pretty similar to atelier series.

GRAN SAGA | Korean


Okay, so uhh...that's not quite like what i was expecting. To be honest, the IP block is already a major minus for the game. here's my opinion about the game :

+ Beautiful graphics and characters.
+ You can use all available characters (can be changed later, and can only bring 3 as the active member)
- The battle is kinda stiff, simply attacking or casting skill will plant your character on the ground (unable to move).
- About the gacha, surely the rates is slightly higher compared to some gacha games, but it directly affects your combat power, which makes it geared more to p2w. What the gacha basically do in this game is to summon cards with their own rarity, and assign them to your character skill slot.
- Auto quest pathing. yes, you read that right.
- IP blocks.
- Auto battle and grinding.....but optional, at least.

Conclusion : Not my cup of tea, unfortunately. I tried to play it for 15 mins and uninstalled it right away cuz it failed to make me interested for the game. It might suits other people's taste though.

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cool, so it's possible to get 2 five stars during infinite reroll Read Note
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