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Looks pretty, but that's it.



This is a very old but also very good runner game. I liked it a lot better than the sequel.

The goal of the game is to traverse the level (mostly rooftops) while collecting coins and not getting caught by pursuer.

The game itself has only two controls, slide up for jump and slide down for "slide", but the gameplay variety it provides is rather significant. That is achieved by tying different animations to timings. For example is there is a small box in your way, you can get over it in many differnt ways: if you don't do anything you will stumble over it and roll on the ground delaying you significantly; if you jump early you'll jump and land on top of it, slightly delaying you, but letting you to follow it with higher jump to reach a high ledge; if you jump later you'll do an animation of stepping on it, not slowing you and letting you jump but not as high; if you jump even later you'll do a "parkour" animation of rolling over it which is fastest but doesnt allow you to jump from the box.

The attention to detail in this game is absolute.

Progression is not as great, you get some cash and coins for doing levels which you spend on unlocking "parkour moves" which don't affect gameplay much, as they can only be used in very specific marked places by timing inputs properly so you could earn more cash.

Infinitode 2


It's one of the best TD games. It has solid variety, but where it really shines is progression. The research tree is huge and there are almost no useless upgrades. Each level besides rewarding you for playing it has various "quests" and wave milestones to reach.

It's absolutely mind-boggling how much care has been put into this game. And it doesn't even show you ads or pushes you into donating. The developer is a saint.

Rogue Adventure


It may not be too deep, but it has enough variety with all the different classes to not get bored for hours, a sense of progression that sometimes changes things up significantly, and arguably it only benefits from simplicity as a mobile game that can be played in short bursts.

I'd say it's one of the best of its kind.

Cat Bird


While it is a beautiful and fun platformer, the controls constantly make me rage. Maybe it's just me, but on my phone Jump button's active area is not where it is displayed on the screen and even then it's either small enough that i miss it or there're issues with processing multitouch, because maybe 1 out of 10 jumps doesn't work and in this game every mistake is fatal.

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