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overall it's good game ,smooth and perfectly clean , it doesn't irritates eyes while playing ,good color combinations between the tiles and background .but unfortunately this game not suitable for newbie or slow finger ,even in "normal" i found it's too hard ,they should adjust the normal speed to keep it normal ,the increasing speed should applicable only in hard and above .



random defense type of game . but the dev bring something "fresh", the gameplay is good ,also i love the characters design . the game is not fully in english ,but some important part such as skill description is already in english .there's still bug in co-op mode ,the monster didn't spawn ,just wasted 2 tickets ,hope they fix it asap .

Dragon Chronicles


been playing this game for 3 years ,since it's beta . the gameplay is simple yet complicated at the same time . u don't need to bother with elements or race or whatever it is . u just need to find better combination between each cards skills . yes ,there's no absolute win cards ,all cards are equal . there's also lot of contents in this game ,pvp ,guild raid ,boss raid and regular events ,they add new events every week .if u don't not interest in pvp like me ,u could just doing daily raid and guild raid and of course collecting all cards .

Idle Squad


good game even though it's offline , i like the design of characters, how weapons and artifact works . too bad it's offline ,imagine if it's online we compete against others players in pvp or guild , collectings weapons or works together in boss raid . worth a try if u boring .

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hero locked. what's the point unlocking 5 stars card if the previous cards still locked ? all cards should be unlocked ,we still need to leveling up tho . the system doesn't make sense . so here how the game works .there's a lot of hero cards , from 1 to 5 stars , 4 and 5 stars need to gacha to unclocked it before u can use it on battle .when gacha u mostly get 1 - 3 cards , yes u will level up 1 - 3 cards BUT the stats doesn't add up when u merge to next level ! in short even if u level 1 stars card to 10 it is useless if u merge it ( and u need to merge it ,because 1 stars card so weak ). but when ur level 10 1 stars card get merged ,all the stats doesn't add up to ur 2 stars card ,yes u need to level another 2 stars card . not enough ? if u lucky u will pull 5 stars card ! but don't be happy ,u need to unclocked the previous 4 stars card first before u could merge to 5 stars cards . i want to know who design this stupid gameplay . Read Note
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