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Helix Waltz | English


I literally just met this game and I really wanted to play it because it looked very nice, interesting and fun. 🤗❤[開心] The clothes look super good! 💞[色色] But I just found out that you can't get into the English version anymore! 😭😭[大哭] Please put it back, I would like to play it! 🤧😭💞[可憐] I want to try it! 😭😔[憋屈]

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Acabo de literalmente conocer este juego y tenia muchísimas ganas de jugarlo porque se veia muy bonito, interesante y divertido. 🤗❤ Las ropas se ven súper bien! 💞🥺 Pero justo me entero de que ya no se puede entrar en la versión inglesa! 😭😭 Por favor vuelvan a poner lo, quisiera jugarlo! 🤧😭💞🥺
I literally just met this game and I really wanted to play it because it looked very nice, interesting and fun. 🤗❤ The clothes look super good! 💞 But I just found out that you can't get into the English version anymore! 😭😭 Please put it back, I would like to play it! 🤧😭💞
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