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Eng/Esp: ok! | Trades: 4 | HiMENiki-P
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Eng/Esp: ok! | Trades: 4 | HiMENiki-P
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I love Niki Shiina and Kohaku Oukawa

Ruined my life but I love Niki Shiina ( ・ิω・ิ)

Okay! Eventually I would do this...


It's a really really f2p gacha game and everything about it is amazing an entertaining.

Okay, I'll start with the f2p part. Everytime there is an update or they get to add something new (or maybe just randomly) you will get Cookie Cutters, Tickets, Crystals, Lvl Up Gummies (i forgot the name), and another useful things, the friend gift system usually gives useful things too! The gacha rates aren't so bad por Epic cookies if you don't get the one you want you can collect 20 soulstones and your Cookie will be there, and collecting soulstones is really easy, you can even get them for playing the story mode! [開心] For p2w players, the prices aren't really high and in the monthly pass you may get some extra points as a gift.

While you are advancing in the main story you will start unlocking other game modes that give very generous rewards so you usually don't get bored about just playing story mode. The only bad thing I find in the game is that the player sometimes doesn't get to interact so much with it but still it can be very entertaining.

The designs, really good voice actors, the story, all looks and is beautiful! [厲害] Like if you are reading this reviews to see if you should download it, just do it! It's really good!

I just- Really love this game. I'm a newbie but I knew a little about the series. The gacha isn't so cruel (at least with me...), the characters....I ADORE THE CHARACTERS, EACH ONE OF THEM. The story as far as I have read is pretty interesting. Im a newbie too with the rythm games genre but i found this easy and comfortable. I just— Love everything about this game. Also...Kohaku and Niki best boys <33

Ok soo... I REALLY REALLY LOVE THE DESIGNS. The voice acting is amazing too. About the history, I haven't played the japanese version so I have read until chapter 4. So the story... I found it interesting, i get to empathize with some characters. About the gacha system, i'll give it 50/50, or I'm pretty lucky but I don't feel the gacha rates pretty bad. Just normal. And the gameplay ... The battle system is easy to understand and it's easy to make strategies but leveling up the characters is quite time consuming. About the rythm mini game, personally I don't like it :( but the music is cool. In fact I think is a pretty good casual game. Also, Azul best boy!

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Kind of a giveaway? I don't play this game anymore and I'm not really looking for accounts on other games I like. So I'm just looking for someone that can take care of this account since I spended some money on it ^^. Thanks in advance. Read Note
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