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I play mobile games to fight off boredom~
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I play mobile games to fight off boredom~
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A top-notch time killer, featuring adorable kitties. What else could you ask for?

I don't really have much to say other then commenting on the cuteness of this so here

It's a communication app, not a game~

I've seen people complain about the size of this thing but it's basically every social media app you can think of in one
It even has an "add to timeline" feature, its own version of snapchat's Bitmoji and "story" (i believe i don't have to explain that), not to mention calls and videocalls too
What i love about it is the privacy, you can't communicate with others unless you have their ID

One problem i got is the stickers
I must admit, there are about 4 packs that are free with LINE's mascots and one with BT12
(I might have gotten their name wrong pls don't hunt me down BTS stans :()
Stickers are supposed to be the selling point of LINE, but, except for those 4? packs, they're behind a paywall
And not a straight-up paywall either, but rather they use an in-app currency called LINE Points
(The minimum amount a pack of stickers can cost is 50 Points btw)
Now how do you get those?
Supposedly there are various events that can reward you Points but i wouldn't know since in my 6 months using LINE i've never seen any event taking place
Oh you can aslo pay for some
To be fair, there are a bunch of emojis they give to you for free
And did i mention diffferent themes for the app itself?
Yep those cost Points too

Another problem is the lack of notifs
Sometimes the app forgets those are a thing
However it's not really much of a problem since my friends can call or messege me in another app if i'm not reading their texts

Definetly my most-used app, i'd recommend it to practically anyone (except for older people, since all these features can get a bit overwhelming)

Adorable and quick game, i finished it in about a week

Gameplay is simple:
You "harvest" chicken nuggies in sets of 20 every few minuites and give them to the catboy to eat
Each nuggie = a few hearts (not sure how many)
Every hour or so you get to play with the catboy three times
By "play" i don't mean a minigame or anything, you just get to watch a 2-frame animation of your catboy playing with some cat toy (yarn, plush fish ect.)
Play once = a bunch of hearts (not sure how many)
As your progress each action gets more hearts, same if it's not your first run
By getting hearts you fill the heart meter of your catboy (later stages = more hearts needed to fill the meter)
After filling the meter, your catboy "evolves" into a different breed of cat
Three or two breeds later, he grows up in age too (looks more mature)
Every time he evolves, you progress in the story too (until the last evolution you don't get to change the storyline or make choices)
You can check the story at any given time in the dex or smth not sure how's it called
At the last evolution you have to pick one out of three choices
Depending on that, your catboy will evolve differently, you get a different ending and a different full-screen art piece of you and the catboy
After that the game asks you if you want to play again to get a different ending
You also get a sweet heart boost

That's all this game has to offer
It's basically -Check periodically -Feed/play with him -Translate the story -Come back whenever

Everything is great and adorable, from the art to the story (including the music)
Honestly i didn't expect multiple endings but i'll gladly take it :>
I'm blaming the broken japanese to the translator

The only problem i've got is how loud the sfx is when the catboy is eating the chiken nuggies
It goes like C U R O N C H

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