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N-INNOCENCE- | Japanese


After playing through some of the story and enjoying myself quite a bit, I've decided to give you guys my first impressions on this game. Also, for those unaware, the game is region locked so you will need a JP VPN to get through the white screen that appears when you open the game.

Graphics - The graphics and art style are what stick out the most to me as they are a sort of 2.5d style in what I would compare to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, which I feel they took a lot of inspiration from gameplay and graphics wise, and it really pops out and shows high production value to me. Animations on the special ultimate moves are awesome and look really impactful as well.

Gameplay - The gameplay is similar to a fighting game. This is an 2.5d RPG side-scroller with action fighting combat where you fight through waves of enemies in each stage til you get to a final boss stage.

The fighting consists of juggling enemies between combos with the 3 characters you can bring into battle by using your finger to tap, flick, and slide, while also being able to bring another player's character to support you with a quick attack to keep the combo going. There is also an auto function that will automatically attack for you but not use skills or switch characters so you can do this manually during auto.

This is a really interesting and unique take on gameplay that I've found myself really enjoying. Unfortunately, there isn't a mode where you can fight against other players just yet and I'm not sure if they're planning a mode like that in the future.

Story and Characters - The story I'd centered around mythical gods such as Odin and Zeus and and also has characters from Japanese folklore. The characters are all centered around these. It's reminiscent to FGO in a way since all characters and equipment pulled are in the form of cards and have gender swapped versions of these historical/mythical characters. Each character also has their own element which has the tried and true element advantage system in place.

Gacha - This section is where I have some concerns. There are character banners and there are equipment banners, but in the character banner there is also a chance to get equipment but not SSR equipment and vice versa for the equipment banner where you cant get SSR characters. This seems to be done to fill up the banner with trash and make it harder to pull for higher rarities.

Dupes give fragments used to limit break your characters which requires a fairly large amount of fragments, I'm not totally sure how necessary dupes are for progress as I haven't gotten too far so onlg time will tell. The plus side is that you can farm for certain fragments through quests. The rates are as follows:

For the Character Banner 3*: 2% (1% for the rate up character)

2*: 8%

1*: 30%

SR (equipment): 30%

R (equipment): 30%

For the equipment banner:

SSR: 3% (1.5% for the rate up equipment)

SR: 29%

R: 30%

2* (character): 8%

1* (character): 30%

​Rerolling - Rerolling in the game is extremely easy. The first time it'll take about 5 minutes and after that, all subsequent rerolls will take 1 minute. The launch rewards allow for up to 3 10-pulls and they also give an SSR equipment ticket. Reroll guide can be found here -

Conclusion - All in all, I can see myself putting more time in this game for cool minute and while content is fairly scarce right now, I'm looking forward to future content. I would recommend trying it out if the language barrier and region lock issue doesn't deter you.

Heaven Burns Red


Heaven Burns Red is developed by WFS (Developers of Another Eden) and Key and is an amazing game. I played the closed beta for this game and had an awesome time with it. They have a gem on their hands with this one.

The story is insanely interesting which we've come to expect from WFS and Key plus the gameplay is the usual turn-based that we've come to know and love with a unique art style that focuses on the facial animations of the characters in the game.

Overall, if you're a fan of WFS and Key's other works of art then you'll definitely enjoy what this game has to offer.

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