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I am just a weeb ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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I am just a weeb ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
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Guardian Tales | Global


This game is very cute. The pixel-sprites are well done and a lot of the characters have moving pictures and voice acting. Some characters dont have voice acting/moving pictures yet, but those are mostly the low-tier characters anyway.

I enjoy the gacha, its pretty fair imo.

You get a lot of bonus items when you start a new game.

The game is 10/10

The in-app store is lackluster. Im not a fan of the packages they offer, and the value isnt good. You'd be better off grinding, you'll get twice as many diamonds in half an hour than you can get for $9.99. I think the store is overpriced, especially since I feel like its marketed towards teens and young adults (they dont have that kind of money).

This game is very cute and has a nice story. I love all the characters. The in-game store that you use to purchase story tickets and gems and whatnot? Highway robbery. I have never in my life seen a more outrageously overpriced store. There are never any sales, and you will empty your entire wallet trying to finish one single story.

If you were blessed with patience and dont mind waiting 24 hours between every 5 minutes of story, this game is for you. If you want to buy story tickets to advance through the story faster, you need to be rich. Like, rich-rich. You need to own a Lamborghini and a credit score of 850. You'll need to sell your Lamborghini and your firstborn son to buy 5 story tickets. You will be left homeless when the store finishes draining you of your last dollar.

Aside from THAT, this game is amazing. 10/10 recommend it.

This is a super cute game. I can't understand anything because its only in japanese, but if you take screenshots of every dialogue, you can translate them with "google lens". It's very time consuming to do, but thats the easiest solution I could come up with. They really need an english text option.

The characters are all amazing. Very beautiful and aesthetic.
The voice acting is really good. 10/10. They really bring the characters to life.

The actual gameplay is.. okay? Its not bad, its just repetetive and boring. Rhythm tapping and monster battles. The usual.

The story is entertaining. There's lessons and stuff.

The gacha is below average. If you want a SSR, you better pray reeeaaallly hard. The rates are fairly low compared to some other gachas I've played. Good luck 🤞.

Overall, I give this a solid 8/10. It could improve on some things, but its pretty good as it is.

Obey Me! Shall we date?


THIS is the best otome game I've ever played. I love the story and I love the battles. Collecting the UR cards is a little hard but thats what makes it so fun! [哇噻]

I love how you can flirt with multiple demon brothers at once, and it doesn't impact the story in a negative way. Also, the story is gender neutral so boys AND girls can play! [開心]

P.S. the voice actors are all super nice and cool and you should watch Otaku FM on YouTube. The voice actor for Leviathan hosts a podcast on YouTube and he interviews the other voice actors!

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