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pretty good idle game. semi-active. you have to move some times. very f2p friendly .

Force Pioneer


NOT IN ENGLISH as it says in the description. obnoxiously long tutorial anyway

game doesnt work. it just tries to open in google play store, and says "get this game in google play"....where it doesn't exist .

its just an exact afk arena clone, but with chinese heroes instead



for the coupon

Hero Making Tycoon


$20 for ad free pack!? lmao.

Mine-Slayer - Grow Miner


did you guys even test this? it crashes as soon as it opens. cant even play it

Planet Smash


forced add huh? this is 2022. game is trash because of that alone

Green's Secret


the game is incomplete. some features just dont exist, even simple stuff like changing your name

Idle Angels


decent time waste. wouldnt spend mpre than $5-10 though

you guys state that several languages are supported, yet there isnt anywhere to change it in game.

Ultimate DragonMaster


dear devs: there's currently no way to login. which means data cant be saved, cant get login/attendance rewards, etc. playing the game doesnt mean much if it can all be lost

forced ads are also an automatic no!!

there is a paid ad pack for watching videos and another just to remove the forced ones ("ad pop ups")

youre blocking playing the game because i have an auto-clicker installed on my phone? this game isn't even a clicker game.

it throws a lot at you pretty fast .
i like the gothic graphics, compared to others in this genre.

something unique about rhis game is that you actually have 4 heroes on thw team. you only use one at a time, bit they are interchangeable. they each have their own skills, weapons, and elements.

so far so good. will update

Dungeon Dwarves


its just boring.

Blade Master


forced ads! seriously? thats an automatic no. the game could have been good, of it weren't for that



this is just junk. terrible translation, feels like ots feom the 90's, an nft game, energy system that takes about 10 minutes or less to use up. dont waste your time

Tiny Aquarium | English


forced ads are always BS. there are enough ad sources in your game. i watched about 20 in the 10 minutes i played, only for 1 to be forced on me

Merge Girls : Idle RPG


dont waste your time, and especially not your money. iim veteran gacha player, and rhese rates are laughable. the only ssr i have, are the ones i paid for, and im in rhe top 20. idk how many times ive fully merged, but every time, its R (which is literally useless) or sr (whoch becomes useless once you have ssr). the startup packages are a straight up lie. they state that you get the products "each day". but you dont. when i contacted support about this, not only did it take them 5 days to respond, but they ignored the issue entirely, instead, stating that they checked my payment, and saw that it went shit! you cant even reply ro the support email, which makes it even more frustrating.
this game would be fun for about a day, no more

AFK Champions


exact copy of an idle game that cam put last month....

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lmao. complete copy looks 100% like Monster Rancher from the old playstation. they made a few of them in the franchise.  Read Note
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