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Lewd discord for rating and sharing
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Lewd discord for rating and sharing
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You Generation


I honestly wanted to like this game but main concept of this game is really silly cringey lol your a robot fighting real life objects? Signs,traffic lights,foods etc I'm not sure what was idea behind but it could be alot more tbh this game has great music great setting and atmosphere with waifus even the intro had me expecting me alot more ended up bein very ehh maybe future updates I'll come back and try again

Arknights | English


Love the characters and story but not biggest fan of tower defense kinda games which is off putting for this game that has really good lore and waifus but still can be worth it in the long run

Epic Conquest 2


Really enjoyed this game was surprised

Age of Magic


Def hits the fun factor at times kept me entertained does have those slow moments and can drag

Shining Beyond


Nothing too spectacular but can be really fun at times and time consuming in the best way

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