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Give everyone a waifu
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Give everyone a waifu
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Crossing Void | Global


[大哭] Can't even play it. It freezes at the very start of the tutorial. Installed and uninstalled already, still can't be solved. Devs please fix it.

Tales of Radiance


The game looks nice but won't even start please fix.

The game is alright, however the graphics may not be for everyone; if you don't mind it then it's worth to try, (maybe a bit of 2000s era kind of graphics that may bring you nostalgia.) Don't worry, though the title is in Russian, the rest of the game is translated in English.

Grow Archer Chaser


It's just like any other idle game with chibi designs. Definitely a time consumer, not that bad.

Berserker Online


The chibi moves alot for an idle game. But overall it's a decent game.

Fantasy Tales - Idle RPG


Honestly just play it if you have the spare time. Your characters are aggressive that they would just attack everything they encounter. It's like fast-forwarded, it's auto battle so you probably know what I mean.

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No longer available! Aww! So they discontinued the game? Read Note
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