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Not a regular updater.. just here every few weeks~months
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Not a regular updater.. just here every few weeks~months
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I actually liked this very much. I thought I wouldn't really be intrested since it' rap style, but I gave it a try, and I end up LOVING it. It's quite fun, and it actually considers your health (which is why I'm thinking that it's the reason why they only give 1 stamina per hour, although you can play without stamina). This is one of the best rythm games I've played so far, and honestly, I tried A LOT of rythm games on different platforms, and some were just plain boring, but this is very fun to play.

Random: I like Fling Posse the most, don't ask why.

I would've loved it. I heard about Ensemble Stars and how much fun it was, so I had high hopes for it to be at least better than other rythm games, but whenever I play, it takes forever to load, and when it does load, I basically miss a lot of beats (and I'm not new to rythm games, I can play them really well). Maybe my device is incompatible or doesn't cooperate with the game, but I was able to download it and reas the stories and everything. If there is any way to fix it in order for me to play, then I would try again.

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Help please? I'm having problems after I finish playing a rythm song, where the button won't appear. Even the main screen won't have voices/texts anymore.. Does anyone else have it? Does anyone know how to fix it? I tried restarting my phone and game, but to no avail.. This was after the update Read Note
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