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Stardew Valley


Ive replayed this game a number of times now lol For such simple graphics it has been really enjoyable for me and has entertained me so much more than most high end games. Not to mention it gives me the perfect farm life that i could onky dream of. It is definitely one of my faves.

I just downloaded this and Im scared cuz of the other reviews [汗顏][憋屈]

Been wanting to play this since it got announced and just got to recently. I've been in love with Balck Butler for the longest time and to see a game with its design mixed with the precious villians of Disney is just *chef's kiss*[色色][色色][憋屈][哇噻] Its a bit hard to cope with though cuz i cant understand japanese that much yet but i love everyone who takes the time to translate 💞

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