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Haloh,im from indonesia. #Ichiori try look note,if you like and Follow me for Update. love Anime Manga Game . second account Akbaru Bugis-Kaltim.
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Haloh,im from indonesia. #Ichiori try look note,if you like and Follow me for Update. love Anime Manga Game . second account Akbaru Bugis-Kaltim.
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Pls fix game.. I can't download file in game.. Always stuck in 1.95%.. VPN NOT WORK.. I USE VPN WITH TCP STILL CAN'T DOWNLOAD FILE GAME 800MB..
edit : OK good now..

Alchemy Stars


Only for 64bit phone..
Bind Account :Twitter/FB/Google/Register email..
Size game : 2.42GB (for now)

Edit:Really great game.. I Love battle system game..
But player level really hard level up than level up characters..
And in game don't have Auto Battle(Only Auto Battle after Finish Stage) so no Feature Sweeping..

Server Japan/China/Korea
Character Voice Game : Japan(Original)/China/English/Korea
Size game : 3.28 GB (for now)
I hope dev this game, add feature reduce number player show up in my screen.. too many player(20+) make my game sometime lag to crash..

Size Game :3 GB ( For now)

REALLY great game.. For you 🆕 player.. Try hold your gold before gacha.. After update last week.. SSR in this game really Real low.. I'm play since realese.. And have 6 SSR.. But try reroll..
Size game : 1,63 GB (For now)
It's weird.. Before update.. Size game : 1,72 GB
Look in timeline.. I post there, and look in last picture..

Guardians of Cloudia


Bagus gamenya.. Tapi grindingnya susah..

Size Game 2GB

Gacha in this game really need money,another Bleach game can easily get free Gacha(for new player) but this not... This game good for P2W player.. I found skill and effects animation not good in orihime or ichigo..
Size Game 1GB+ (for now)
playtime 3 days... Still have 4 characters..

Azure Fantasy


Really great Great game. I don't have problems so far.. But only 1 maybe I have problem.. Level Up.. They limited after reach Lv30, that annoying but good! I'm play in week in new server(142 Lv.44) make my characters good than last Server(89 Lv.34).
Server 142
Size Game 613MB (for now)
I hope Japan version released too

Blue Sky Fantasy


Great game, easy power up. But they have fairy rent too[不滿]
Try play this game.Good for F2P no need buy anything for you character to be strong, just figure out how you get item/power. I'm now level 196. Server 80.
SIZE : 1 GB+
Edit : I choice characters mage blonde, but why, when in game not her?! I m always use mage for game like this.

Alice Re:Code


Better DMM version than this.. But if you battle arena, this version good. Lot spender in DMM version,but in DMM v. they give you good gems/for new player to gacha... This V. game good for F2P, Size game is 655mb (for now)

Really Goood to play, and good to F2P.

The game still maintain since last year.. I hope they get copyright soon..

Good game, good for f2p..

GOETIAX | Japanese


Good game, good for f2p



Watch original anime without subtitles and dub it, is the best!

Fire Emblem Heroes


Really great game! But their voice game really like talking in radio when i use headset.and to get Orb and Gacha really friendly for F2P, everything is good in this game 👍
(Anyway, i can't find tag this game..)
User Oppo from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Mantap gamenya! Tapi aku pake henset,kenapa suara gamenya kayak terdengar seperti bicara diradio? Yah baguslah pokoknya ini game, bersahabat untuk orang F2P, Coba mainkan Mantap 👍

Mantap gamenya.. Keren! walau masih banyak bugnya tapi kalo aktifkan baterai savernya bakal mulus mainnya..aku berharap devnya segera perbaiki...
edit. kalau mainnya selalu crash,coba kosongkan memori hape sekitar 1,5GB+ dan force close program yang berjalan dihape(contoh-google chrome/fb dan lain lainnya)dan bagus mainnya dekat kipas atau tempat ber ac supaya tetap dingin hapenya - aku pengguna oppo

I like this game! good Gacha,but that MP really suck, [白眼], edit. They shutdown! Bye my account Before 24 May 2021..

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Summer Gacha Event 2021 LUCKILY NO.. Today.. 
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