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Yo-Kai Sangokushi


I love the Roleplaying that I find it cute! I like how you're able to pick who you want with those gray S coins but I got to ask. How do you get more of those anyway? Do you buy them keep playing or what? If anyone knows please tell that would be a huge help! In my opinion this game is Amazingly cute! Seeing all of these Yo kai dressed is nice, the storyline has a nice feel to it ,Even if you can't understand what they are saying of coruse, but that's doesn't matter.Hope this is helpful in some way bye for now!

I love it! I looked high and low even tried to hack into the main frame to the year it was first introduced 😅 but luckily I stumbled upon this app and got the game praise Jesus 🙌

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Do anyone want to be Friends? I know I'm new to the game and all and I looked at some tweets saying that you will need friends for somethings in the game but that doesn't matter, I just want friends. Here is my code if you decide to become friends! Read Note
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