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Watashi no na wa “Kira Yoshikage” nenrei 33-sai jitaku wa moriōchō hokutō-bu no bessō chitai ni ari… kekkon wa shite inai…
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Watashi no na wa “Kira Yoshikage” nenrei 33-sai jitaku wa moriōchō hokutō-bu no bessō chitai ni ari… kekkon wa shite inai…
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This game is actually incredible... Can't really say negative stuff about it cause It's one of my favorite games... Approved by Kira Yoshikage.

The app doesn't work.

Shadowverse | Japanese


For sure this game is actually amazing but there are some issues like a weird storyline and alot of downloads to do...but besides these...The music is good, the graphics are GODLY and this game is for sure one of my favorites...i just got a question- Why is there no Best Boy in the new update?

Gacha Club


This game is really great since u can do alot of stuff...just one problem...story mode isn't that cool tbh. still, One of my favorites for sure :P



The game itself is actually not bad however it's overrated and also idk if he actually knows EVERYTHING. Probably not-

Clash Royale | Global


Not bad but doesn't really give attention to people.. that's one thing that a game needs...yeah tournaments and events are good..also the pass Royale but...not really good..but also not really bad. Well with the new update, I think the review will remain like this.

Brawl Stars | Global


Nice game however doesn't have a sense but still, Really nice. I really love the brawlers and the gamemodes. approved by Kira Yoshikage



Cool game, I like it however there's a fact: slowly it will become boring playing it. but still...Really nice.[難過]

Not a bad game however at the start of the game slow download and When i choosed Kujo Jotaro as a character ( I hate him cause he ruined my life but whatever) the game made me choose someone worse than him: HIGASHIKATA JOSUKE...He ruined my life. But overall. Not bad but Probably the wrost Jojo mobile game.

For sure this is one of my Favorites...but...Some problems are in it. Not the best game but hey...IT HAS MEGUMIN.



This game is the perfect game...I mean I KIRA YOSHIKAGE am in it with my Killer Queen! This is for sure one of my favourites. [哇噻][微笑][耍帥][賣萌]

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