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Kurama die hard lover/wife. (It isn't obvious, right?)
Thereza Guevarra 56536983

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Kurama die hard lover/wife. (It isn't obvious, right?)
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Gacha Life


I like it. Im looking for a gacha game that can help me get more of an art prompt for characters for both girls and guys. this game made it. It even have someone like a fox character! Best for what Im looking for. I dont use sounds for any games so I dont rate it.

I gave it 5star rate? Well as for my experience, I get a lot of what I want (most especially Kurama's characters) and what I need easily in this game. I enjoy it a lot. There's a lot of ways to recover energy too so you can grind more.

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SS for Kurama fans I barely see the full view of this one in internet so here. If you want some of his SS for this one you can download it. Same for those other versions that I have, if you would ask to. #kurama #majibattle #yuyuhakusho Read Note
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