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ALICE Fiction


the art is great.
the music is great.
the story is alright.

ganeplay is nothing too fancy but its not bad either.
waifus are okay, i haven't really found 1 i really liked.

not the best gacha rates imo. and it shoves a lot of paid packs in your face every chance it gets. like some desperate cheap knockoff game even tho its actually a big budget game.

its a fine game. definitely gonna live long but I'm only gonna be here until some other things that I'm interested in come out.



I wish it would have English.

the gameplay seens good even tho i barely understood anything.

the waifus are good. the music is good.

couldn't get past the tutorial because when it wants you to do the mandatory gacha it crashes with what google translate told me to "instable connection" on a gigabet connection...

i know global/english is pretty much hopeless but a man can dream.

Alchemy Stars | Global


would be good but if you don't get certain characters it's literally unplayable.

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punishing gray raven x beatless... playable characters would be lacia, kouka and methode while as usual snowdrop would be the event boss 
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