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Play for the graphics, no storyline. Auto idle game

Alchemy Stars | Global


Great game! I was looking for something similar to Arknights and this game is the answer! Battle mechanics is unique like colour tile puzzle to activate the skills, but you also need to plan about the range as well. Auto battle is better in a sense that you can let it auto a number of rounds. I also learn a few things from looking at how the AI play during auto. Will recommend 👍

Phantom Rose Scarlet


Like Slay The Spire but with only 1 type of character to use. Impressive for a 1 person developed game. Don't mind watching an ad to get 10HP off the boss👍 Can't really increase the deck size much so you really have to think about your play style in order to keep which cards. Would be great if the skinz give some bonuses. Good for filling in the time while i run out of stamina in my main games.

Azur Lane | English


Beautiful waifus for sure. A bit hard to play on the train or at home cos the cut scenes shows the beautiful waifus which can be a bit embarrassing 😅. Even have a lot of the graphics and manga to download.

However, i didn't like the arcade style gameplay. Uninstalled.

Interesting fighting mechanic. Graphics are not too bad. Need to balance your team for the fights. Enjoying it do far (only just downloaded it for a day)

King's Raid


Good graphics, sounds are not bad. Interesting storyline. Great mechanics that enables you to collect each and every character if you wanted to. Remember to go either with all physical or all magic team. I was able to build a all female demon like team and raise them to 5 stars. Good for F2P players. Unfortunately, combat is quite reliant on auto but you can click on the skills to have some control even on auto. Can't control who to target and action is quite fast to control manually (for me, maybe others are better). Got bored after the 4th chapter of the story as it's just the same rinse and repeat (go into scenario fight on auto, repeat). Think the later chapters will be harder and that will require some grinding to power up the team to clear them. You can skip PVP by not joining the Arena. Can auto-repeat battles to farm but they have to keep going back to the battle start team loading screens all the time, which sometimes taken longer than the actual battle itself! Interesting concept to collect XP in XP bottles for those who are max level that you bring into a battle. Uninstalled after a month

Blue Archive | Japanese


Great graphics, easy to understand how to play the basics even if it's in Japanese. Love how the auto-replaying of a stage does not show you the whole battle all over again. Battle style is semi-auto as you can't control where the characters move, but just when to trigger their skills and it's target. The deeper meta of the battle about which char is good for which environment and their weapon type is strong/weak against what type of enemies needs some understanding. What mats for leveling up their skills and equipment still messy for me as I don't understand the Japanese language. Currently level 29 for myself and stuck at Scenario 5-1. It takes some careful planning and a bit of luck to get full 3 stars for each scenario (all chars survive, complete battle under 120secs and get S grade for all 3 battles in a scenario). A bit bored now cos need to grind to level up my chars and get 3 stars for the scenarios. Guess you can try to clear them by getting 2 stars, but you can't unlock auto for it.
Update 8 Mar: Got a few L2Ds but no more mood to play as it's just repetitive now. Stuck at grinding to level up so that i can level up the characters. New event is just banner to get different char, and same battle mode but different storyline. Going to uninstall it. May if a global version comes out,the story line might be interesting for me to play it again.

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