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N-INNOCENCE- | Japanese


I'm addicted with this kind of battle, very engaging, specially combat combos.

realistic 3d tiles 👍

character's hand 👎

free rolls 👎

ui design 👎

matchmaking 👎

The game was like jrpg with card game style making combo chain to gain powerfull skill effects.
The sound effects so satisfying for keep your volume up and music was banger.
Story was about fantasy youkai, samurai, ninja where you can enjoy full voiced story telling.
The graphic was beautiful characters details and fluid animation live 2d mixed with 3dcg scence.
Not only than the dev were generous so many rewards for reroll i count can do 5x10 pulls.

Shadowverse | Global


It's competitive game meta changes evey week, every deck has it weakness and counterable.
Community is more than anything
Gaining info, sharing, play with friends, more experience, experiment and talking about meta etc. There's so many ways play style, i even don't know. I had fun with communuty and yeah i can play well and be better because i had known what opponents would do and what i do to beat it.

Blue Archive | Japanese


Surely fun game with modern gameplay, cute characters angel with guns theme.
And here i am as their teacher [開心]

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Heyo New richi mahjong game like mahjong soul &
hime mahjong
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