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Ehm.. U had to buy starter pack if ure impatient.. Not really my type of game.. But, without heart system (it take a while to sleep at tent) i think it will be a great game

Dreamy Clover Town


Tidak bisa dimainkan, gamenya error [大哭]

Edit: 21/9/2021 masih error :')

LINE Webtoon


Its a good apk.. But i dont like the new system that we just could read 1 eps / day for some webtoon.. But i guess its fine since i read it all for free, ive only bought coins few times.. I hope more webtoon from naver will be added.. :)

Toram Online


Graphics - Good
Sound - Good, but i hope we could costumize sound at our home
Gameplay - I love it~ unlike other MMORPG that do everything by AUTO mode this one doesnt have auto mode so its perfect
Storyline - Well its good but now im not interested to read it ( i skip it all time now ) actually i hope we could just skip it all without watching the scene with fast forward because after 5 characters i got bored doing story all over again :c
Value - Its a great game.. But u have to be patient to improving.. I guess some guild will guide u, but if ure on ur own its hard to progressing..
U could achieve all things u want if u work hard :)

Theres no story on this game.. But the gameplay is realllyyy good!... Ive play this game around 2 years... Before this game is pretty p2w on the higher arena but now there is so many way to obtain the gems and the legendary card😍.. The card doesnt really balanced well before but i think it's ok now for pvp, as for co-op theres just 1 OP deck card that oftenly used for reaching wave 300+.. Not much choice for coop deck.. (idk how is it if all card reached max lvl but my card only lvl 10 to 11 for now) im not F2p (i made 2 purchases of gems) but ive got all the cards.. The event reward not really good.. Its like just wasting time play about 12 matches? And got 1 box as final reward or gold or 1 heart shape stone[大哭] but its pretty interesting for testing card/deck 👀 im still playing now.. If u need a raid partner or coop wave around 250 to 300 i could help ~ ID : CQAKKM



Best game ever! Its like phoenix wright but the story is more interesting for me 😍.. Collecting all handsome cards of the ML.. Gacha is so-so there is a pity rate on 100 times.. At first i got it on the 100th draw, but the other day i got ssr 1 by 10pulls and 1 pull.. But now i havent got any (still at 30 pull)..U could save up the chips to draw by doing daily quest&login, the themis one, or the events! I could complete all the event as f2p.. Thats really nice.. usually u had to wait n wait day by day on other otome game to read stories but u could finish all 1 chap within 1 day on this game! But i wish i could skip the debate battle.. :c especially when doing the temple of trials (30x step its just take so much time to complete).. Overall its Perfect otome game! Jasmine and hugh story is the one i love the most! Its so cute when hugh kiss the FL ❤️as for the ML, i reallyyyy love LUKE especially when he smile 💕💕💕 He is just so perfect.. Strong, caring, smart, handsome, cool.. But i the story is a bit sad, i hope he is okay.. Im still waiting for eps 3 of luke ❤️ Keep up the good work Devs!

Cooking Battle!


Im not interested on the story.. But i love the gameplay its similiar as overcooked on pc. Idk its p2w or not but i could enjoy the game so far.. I could win ranked match but sometimes my teammate like a bot (stopped moving after 1/2 minutes and i had to push/kill her first so she could move again) and the other team cooperate nicely its not fair... Btw anyone looking for a friend to play story or ranked for fun~ add me : Dilsy

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