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a simple minded person
Pyori Tuki 56151990

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a simple minded person
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(please pardon my english, it's not my first language🙏)
hi i'm that person who plays pjsekai for more than a year now, i just wanted to share my opinions here, no offense at all! read if you want to...!

honestly this is the most comfortable rhythm game i've ever played.
i've always been liking a rhythm game way before i know pjsekai. i've played several games, and most of it are enjoyable. to be fair i'm not so good at it (i play on expert and a little bit of master) but a simple music game are my cup of tea so i've always been invested to it lolll.
but i guess project sekai is the type of rhythm game i would enjoy the most. the display, unique charts (the unique long note are so creative), lovable characters (my fav is Rui!), interesting storyline, the good mix of the color scheme to make it look pleasing, and VOCALOID SONGS??? I'M IN BBY!!
my only complain is about the 3D model graphics, i mean, WHY IT'S PIXELATED??? it need so much work and improvement. c'mon you can do much better than that.

there's still a minor problems with bug or lag, but it doesn't really effect me personally. and also you really need to manage your time on this game because its quite addicting. no need to gambling so much, your health matter the most! well, sometimes i could understand that... not me doing 200 pulls for lim rui on second anniversary as a F2P.... BUT don't do it too much, games are supposed to be fun, not stressing! wishing you good luck on your pull! 🌈✨🌹

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hi i draw all characters are belong to me[厲害]
these four are siblings! they hate each other tho...
#art #oc #anime
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