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Valiant Force 2 | Global


nice concept but needs polishing all-in-all.


• Concept of Ragnarok Lore
• Majority of players are friendly and helpful
• 3D take of a 2D MMORPG


• Recycled Audio
• Unoptimized server-side connectivity on peak hours
• Powercreeping updates and events
• Uncatering to new players
• Just another Mobile MMO under the guise of Ragnarok.

+ Friendly community helping new players.
+ Market driven Economy. No top-up exclusive currency.

× No such thing as "Anniversary Rewards", only Celebratory Market deals.A dollar for few pieces of Ore during a milestone, why not?
× I fall asleep just by watching my character do Missiom Board with Auto.
× Peak hours are when Boss Hunting; or when KvM and GvG are open. The ping flactuates in time with these events.

King's Raid


I think I started playing way back 2017.

King's Raid is a unique F2P friendly game with generous rewards from events and the Developers.

Characters 10/10
•You are free to choose who you want to use. No RNG features they lock the characters behind so build them as strong as you want them to be (you still gotta work for their materials and equipments). Of course, no character fits every content.( I still love my Gau, though.)
•No character Gachas. Buy them with Rubies where they give plenty or just woo them at the Inn for free.
•No fodder characters to feed your other characters bullshit.
•I think this is the most prominent feature the game has, next to their QoL features.

Quality of Life 8/10
•Player friendly features such as Dispatch battles, Party runs, Permanent consumables, Server buffs, Auto Skills, Speed Multiplier, Generous event prizes and giveaways.
•Convinient modes to suit your playstyle, but having to Manual or running the game in Normal speed gives you more control of some content yet not mandatory if playing casually.
•Lately the quality of life dropped due to the effect of the pandemic, and a failed launch. Affected both developers,events, social media activity, and the players.
•Newbie friendly nerfs and adjustments to make gearing easier for them to catch up to late game contents.

Gameplay 8/10
•Contents differ from each other. Similar builds may not work on different raids.
•Endgame equipment has become more grindy compared to the outgrown contents.
•Requires planning if your team is leaning towards non-meta for the specific content. (Looking at you, ArcdimX)

Story 7/10
•It grows on you. If you're the type of player who reads, then you're in for a plot twist. The story is very generic for RPGs until you reach the later part.
•Side stories. Somehow the game is lacking in this department. Quite a nice feature to teach the players on how to utilize the hero while telling their story and their place in the game.
•Archives. Kinda same as side story but it has a direct connection with the main plot.

PvP and GvG 7/10
•Meta-driven. People tends to gravitate towards meta. They copy and paste builds so they could get ranks above others.
•Real-time. Speed is the heart of battle, but strategy is where the mind is. Speed is one thing, but knowing how to counter and surprise your opponents is a lot more satisfying.
•Sometimes you're queued against lazy High level players because they're only rushing to meet a quota. (Sorry Newbies, I may have bullied a lot of you.)

Sound ?/10
• Music is a matter of preference.
•There are sounds queues to call shots and mech activations to help.

Community ?/10
•A fair share of toxicity, white knights,and silent hopefuls.
•They closed a minor feature because a group demands it and called it imbalanced and too P2W.(Lil' Raiders)
•People in worldchat are helpful and friendly to Newbies who ask for party runs.(Or at least in Asia)
•Avoid reading Patchnote commentaries.

King's Raid is one of a kind. A special place in my heart.
They updated the game to add new runes. Albeit, a grindier way than their usual range of grindiness.

Despite the downward spiral of the company, bad reviews of unsatisfied players,and lack of events due to reasons;
King's Raid is still a good game.

Notes (1) More
Any news on global release? I have been waiting to play the game. Ive tried JP version but I could not understand the language which is only soiling the hype for me so I stopped. Read Note
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