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什麼懶叫抽卡方試 給什麼777抽到這樣辛苦的 需要完成任務你才有一次機會三選一 改到這樣玩到一肚子氣

Horrible gacha rate already spent all tickets and get nothing but SR and the difficulty spike too much after you finish chapter one excuse me barely any resources and you have to grind first chapter so your team can have exp???

what is this unplayable mess cannot even get pass the loading screen!!

Nogada High School RPG


wtf is this installing nft crap shit

Legend Of Emblem


Currently your team max at level 45 and still weak af. Equipments you get are too limited and the effects are too weak while enemies scaling are so broken that having bleed/poison/burn of 10-15 are nothing when your enemies are 700-1000+ hp.

Officially released?? Is this an out of season April fool joke?

Edit : omfg this is such a boring game that make FGO looks like masterpiece in comparison... even though the gacha rate is probably way better than FGO but getting these characters just dont have the feels.

烈火戰記 | 繁中版





以前玩过 垃圾游戏完全避开

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy


Just another shitty p2w garbage.



Not a fan of yugioh and these archetypes are too confusing.

Nice first grindy event well i will just casually play this without a care of events and just get freebies [開心]

Lose a rating due to drop of r18 to r15 ( ˘•ω•˘ )
Lose a rating due to horrible closure of events to not give players time to exchange on event stores.

Idol Queens Production


comment for event

Having so many games and yet able to have so much trouble on first day launch especially the functionless enter button hence this is my true review to this broken game.

天地劫 | 繁中版


Not worth to play.

This game difficulty is so steep that most of the weak willed free players would stop and start paying for tools for better climbing or some transportation to bypass part of the difficulty. Heavy money sink with minimal to no fun and joy. Rubbish game.

Very disappointed when they launched another super festival after one ended and both are new characters of same series ... they wanted money this badly and if they just launch out another super festival i am out.

Tower King Grendel


Forced ads is a big no for me.

project: 1024(CBT)


Boobs( ゚∀゚)o彡゚

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