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So it's quite the interesting game i'd say but has some weaknesses in the main gameplay that really gets me as someone who watches a lot of Hockey. if I were to boil it down, the AI arent really programmed to be smart. Most of it seems completely random at times, I've seen them just stop and not do anything either while someone has the puck or it's loose. This is rare but I've seen it happen.

if I were to put together what i'd change it's mainly AI improvements. Shots being taken when they have open chances instead of sitting in front of the goalie and skating away. using momentum when skating around the end boards instead of turning around, bringing all players into the play so Offense and Defense play on the same side of the blue line.

Some things I'd add: More play stoppage within a period. Goalie freezing the puck and offsides. both are relatively simple to deal with and would add Faceoffs on both the onside circles and Neutral corners or just going back to Center Ice and using the onside circles.

The only other thing is more QOL and it's auto subbing for players marked out on a play stoppage or being able to sub in just the forwards or just the defenders. at least allow me to sub in players before a faceoff like the AI opponent does

Long winded gameplay review over.

Make the AI Slightly Smarter
Goalies should be able to freeze play and offsides should maybe be added in
Allow Subs to be brought in during play stoppage before the next faceoff

Something else minor but please add more cards with art of the players in uniform on the ice. I love the action shot cards and would love more of that kind of thing in game.

Genshin Impact


0/10 didnt get Waifu Shogun

Fantastic RPG adventure game. Characters are mostly likeable and it doesnt take a 5 star to whomp an enemy. Scaling can be rough but keeping your WL down can help you level before going up in the WL and AR.

Incomplete story for the whole game but each new region of the map ads a new story and is almost like a new expansion every time. even so theres still plenty to do outside of the main story so the game still has replay value for sure.

Final point, Lots of cute Waifus tho more than 3 dudes to use on my squads wouldnt hurt. Tho Gacha hell has me by the nads on that one.

Venus Eleven | Japanese


Would be really nice if it had an EN version... Wait crap... Either way, Played it before, Really hard to get banner characters for F2P but it's got enough gacha hell to give you something. Plus the pity system is set up well enough that even if the Gacha murders you then you still get something. Gameplay is meh. Would have preferred maybe a "Backyard Soccer" style of gameplay with Chibis but it does it's job even if the RNG makes you want to crap a hog. 8/10 dropping Vheart on Ko's Ramen Addiction again.

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Offline? They said there was an offline version update for the game but it's not on QooApp, Is there any reason as to where I can get that cause I obviously cant get it here or the Google Play Store because it's regional. Read Note
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