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I bet I can give you ever doujin code you need
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I bet I can give you ever doujin code you need
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(Please note that I'm playing the global server)

Pretty good game to play casually. It gets to being a P2W game at a point but well, I'm not surprised. I downloaded this game from the ads of it and we all know that most of the time, RPG games with ads turn out to be.... sh-t.

The gacha rates are actually really decent, its not hard to get SSR characters (drop rates are 2%) and just within 3 days of playing it, I got 4 SSR characters (though I also bought the 0.99$ pack because it gives Phoebe and an SSR gear... Pretty good deal). The game also gives you Miyuki when you log in for 1 week, Miyuki's pretty good, she's an SSR and problably the biggest waifu in the whole game [耍帥]

Aside from that the battle strategies arent too complicated or hard. it honestly depends a lot on what enemy you're against, playing against Ashwaya is fooking pain. Also this game has the worst Auto I've ever seen, it just inserts random characters?? I got Ashwaya and it would always insert her first but like, when she fills up all the spots with her troops there's no space for other characters to insert on the field so that's like, a guranteed lose??? You have to wait for the troops to get killed but, still, such a bad tactic. Pretty sh-tty Auto and I try to use it as less as possible. Good thing the game has an automatic clear of stages after you pass the stage.

Also, leveling up characters is pretty easy... The potions are very easy to get and mine stack up so much. The one thing about the game i have a hard time understanding and getting used to is the whole housing system. I get it increases the team damage or something... but still, I don't get how exactly does it increase it or how to even level up your home. Guess I'll update this review later if I understand more [發困]

Also story is kind of generic? I didn't bother to read much of it but it didn't really interest me from what i did read.

Overall a good game, It's good as a casual gsme or something to keep you side tracked, but you'll probably delete it after a while.

Darn, didn't think I'd enjoy this game nearly as much as I did! Super unique gameplay, very fun and it doesn't depend on Auto either! It has it's own individual tactics for every enemy that you can't Auto, so of course I like that.

First the gacha, it's F2P friendly and even if the currency isn't super easy to get, you can have really good 3☆ characters, they give put a lot of free 3☆ characters and on top of that the starter one is pretty OP [耍帥] Currently there's even some event where you can pre-recruit characters for free (3 times) and choose the recruitment you want to get. of course it costs more the better the recruitment is, but it's actually such a great deal [哇噻]

Then off to battle, it has unique mechanics and it's not like your regular turn based RPG. it's also 3D which i personally GREATLY adore, some people don't like thst ypu can heal between battles but i personally like that, I'm not all that into using Healers [難過]
Every enemy (your enemies are zombies), more specifically the bosses, has it's own tactic you need to follow to beat them quicker that the game provides to you right before you fight that boss. Though I think it would be nice if there was like, an archive in the game for all these tactics.

It's also not a hard game to understand as a whole, if you want to understand how to build your characters and fight, you can also just use regular RPG fighting tactics and builds. The menu setup and hpw you're supposed to build the buildings is also not a troublesome aspect.

Sadly this game seems to be rather unpopular, so I'm probably gonna indulge some money in it hopefully it doesn't shut down like 90% of the newer games I've been owned by for the past 1 year [大哭][大哭][大哭]

Azur Lane | English


Honestly one of the best RPG games I've ever played. The battles are really interesting and dont depend on Auto at all. I was honestly expecting to be disappointed because I played Yostar's other game, Blue Archive before and it was honestly disappointing. But this one is way more engaging, it has a fun battle (and you can dodge) as well as interesting tactics. You have to be careful what characters you get and choose because there are supports and main fighters and supports' main purpose is unleashing the... biggest skill? i have no idea how it's called, my apologies [大哭]
You also have to be careful what weapons you put on your characters, as well as in battle there's a safe and unsafe zone. How fast you're able to beat the enemies is also important. And, again, you have to be careful of your ammo and ACV.. The game has lots of mechanics and it's definitely one of the best and most detailed games I've ever played.
Also, you don't need 350193☆ characters to be good at it. You can have SRs and still have an amazing game support, the gacha is amazing and as many say, very F2P friendly.
Definitely has a new dedicated player [開心]

Not a lot to say, it's an okay game, slightly underwhelming. Nothing special to it though, mostly the battle tactics are kind of confusing but interesting, it took me a while to fully understand them. Definitely unique tho which is pretty cool [暈]

Also the gacha is the worst, I played for a while and barely got any truly good stuff, it was kind of disappointing cause i got bored of the game pretty quickly. The battles get trickier and harder relatively quick, I got a bit stuck on the game so I left it, honesty it's mostly a casual game, not really something you can engage with for a long time and it may get boring quickly. [鬼臉]

CocoPPa Dolls


Since I played Love Nikki for so long and spent so much money on it, getting into other fashion games was easy and I tried many. This was THE SECOND best fashion game I had ever played, right after Love Nikki. If not even better in some aspects.

At first, the game was enjoyable. There were things to keep you engaged in it, getting good things from the game quickly is not hard, the only events we get are limited gachas. You can exchange gacha currency for more clothes too, which made it even more enjoyable! The game is easy to use, the only thing that took a while to get used to were the guilds.
Graphics were STUNNING, all clothes, hair etc was movable! You could see there was a lot of effort put into those gorgeous designs. The game was also very diverse, it had all kinds of styles in it. The main focus wasn't mainstream fashion, however you could obtain a good amount of beautiful mainstream fashion, too. There weren't "recharges" or packs for suits. Most things in the game were obtainable easily through just events! ........


The game ended and shut down 6 months after it aired.
Well, see, when a shitty company gets to handle something below their real capacity, the result is never good. And sadly, that was the case fie Cocoppa dolls.

Overpriced charging for ingame currencies (specifically platinum), rigged P2W system. Getting through the last stages of the game was impossible without payment. It was RIDICULOUS. Games like Love Nikki make general game progressing easy even if you're F2P. The rest is up to you. But P2W cheap a$$ trash games beg you for your money to finish basic gameplay. Usually, you'd see this from games with a trillion ads, like the Girls X Battle game or the one.... Homescapes? Yeah, all that cheap trash. But Cocoppa Dolls did that while being a game with HUGE potential.

What happened? More and more players started requesting the company to lower down prices. They never did. The result was chaos. Many people (including me) left the game after they got to the later stage of it. It was pointless to try to get past the stages that you essentially needed money for. The game got boring.

I get it, the stupid company needed money. I bet you not they would have earned so much more if they listened to their players and actually changed the prices. But what did they do instead? That's right, they "threw a temper tantrum" and decided to shut down the game. And they never gave an actual explanation to why. "Cocoppa dolls game shuts down for reason unknown ". Embarrassing. Devastating. I want to slap them through the faces. One of the most beautiful dress up games thrown to the trash because sadly a shitty company took care of it.

Red: Pride of Eden


Once you start the game, you don't really earn a lot of gacha currency like most games like to give to beginners. The required amount for 10 pulls is 1500. It's not a lot, right? Well, it's also hard to get.

This game is not new player friendly at all how I see it.... From the very start, it barely really gives you any solid and good gifts to help you grind as a new player. But not only do you get a lack of the gacha currency, but the battles get hard VERY quickly. (Also make sure to always skip them on x3 or either, you'd spend some good 10 minutes waiting for the battles to finish..)
You have a lack of good cards, but you also have to pass hard battles. That doesn't go very well, does it?

But let's say you do the same as what I did. You just levelled up all the character you have, whether they are R,SR or SSR to be able to fight battles. Even then, getting the gacha currency is harder than it should be. Quests don't give you much at all and even when they do, it's few. But what's the only way to get more currency? Well, by fighting battles!
Although I didnt get very far in the game because I just don't like it, I suppose that the game may get a bit P2P the more you progress. Especially with how difficult it is to grind... Also, Gacha rates are pretty good considering the game only has 3 stars. SSR,SR and R.

But okay, okay, I'll stop complaining and talk about the rest of the things in the game [懵懂]

Uh,uh... Gameplay is, uh, alright, I suppose? Not really my type. Your typical RPG game, chibi characters, click-auto-and-do-nothing RPG... I honestly hate this type of RPGs (Or maybe Genshin had defiled my tastes... [發怒]) and this is like the 5th game like this this month that I'm trying to like, but failing miserably.

Artstyle... I like the artstyle a lot, but the game isn't really waifuable, you know? Or maybe I'm just not into furry girls... [耍帥]
Storyline is no idea, I can't read Japanese, but I bet you it's nothing different from your typical "kawaii girls fight" but with ears.
Animation is alright... Way too fast and way too "sparkly" at times. If you're epileptic like me, I highly recommend you take your eyes off the screen when the special battle Animations are on.... [委屈]

Love Nikki | English


I've played this game for around 2 years and I've spent about 3,000$~2,000$ on it. This is going to be a very long review filled with rage...

First, this is a fashion game. There are stages you complete and chapters. Suits you gain through events,paying, crafting, recoloring or through stage drops. Evolving of stage drops, too. This game is solely only based on Fashion and dressing up.

Second of all, this game is not new-player friendly at all. While it's not necessarily P2P (pay to play) because you don't need to spend money on it for things like grinding, progressing etc, It'll be incredibly hard for you to begin paying this game. Especially if you start joining events a month or two after you've started playing (like me [汗顏]). This game has some exclusive events that are said to never return. Usually, they are collab events, for example, the Vocaloid event, the 2 Barbie events, the Disney event or the Forzen event. Or the infamous ranking event suits....... [不滿]
If you'd like to start this game now, you have to know a few really important things.

1. This game has events every single week. The break between events is only about 2-3 days.

2. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT spend your diamonds 'just like that'. Whether it is for stamina, the gachas or crafting suits. ALWAYS save your diamonds, especially if you're a new player and get the privilege of a lot of diamonds! And even more if you're a F2P (free to play) player.

3. This game has a lot of event formats. These events usually include 1-2-3-4 (mostly 2) suits and you sometimes have the choice of which suit you want to get first, sometimes you don't.

This game has some events where you get your rewards in a certain order, for example, stamina events. They are called Tiered events. On each 'tire' you can get a different reward, for example, stamina + a clothing piece from 1 suit. Usually, these events make the less detailed and pretty suits the first suit you get. Tiered events are expensive, getting all suits varies from 4000-7000 diamonds. When the suits from these events return, they usually return for crafting and are a little more expensive than they were in the event.

Then, there's events where you can get whatever clothing piece from whatever suit you want. Those are usually cheap (They sometimes have only 1 suit available too) but they also don't have very detailed or glamorous suits in them, as expected. Same returning algorithm as Tiered events.

Gacha events. The ones I personally hate most. Why? Because the game PURPOSELY makes the drop rates and RNG SH!T. These events usually include only one suit, but getting that one suit may cost you between 4000-5000 and less if you're a god of the luck. I seriously don't recommend these, but sadly, exclusive events are always Gacha events. (We gotta grab all the money, no? [耍帥])

And, the most expensive event of all. Hell events. These events always cost above 10,000 diamonds except around 3 ones [厲害]
Hell events consist of 5+ suits and each of them has their own individual story. They are often connected to characters in the story of the game. (Link to VERY helpful sheets for all hell events AND upcoming ones: ) Hell events are tiered, but often also a bit of luck based, but I think that this is best for you to see. Also, makes sure to check out Vivi gamings, Iri and Effie on Youtube! They have helpful guides on game events!

4. Most of, if not 80% of the game's most glamorous, detailed and dynamic suits are with money (and the rest are Hell event suits.... [發火]). it's very tempting not to spend on this game, so do keep in mind this game is honestly not a good choice if you're tempted easily and not doing well with money. I wasn't planning on paying for it, but here I am, being V12... [暈] (Though I don't play this game anymore)

5. For Arena styling themes, stage themes, event styling themes and Co-op styling themes, always use the site called " ln nikkis info" They have a TON of helpful guides for every single stage and every single event!

6. Before a hell event comes or returns, there's always some really expensive (normal) event right before it. Such a cheap strategy to make your game P2P.

And here's a helpful Tip as an end... Stay away from the Love Nikki fandom. it's the MOST toxic fandom I've EVER been in. Whether that is Amino, Instagram or Discord. The fandom is VERY toxic. Please stay away from it if you don't want to end up with trauma for the rest of your life and I'm being literal. Of course, I won't give names, but especially the Instagram fandom is the worst. I have a friend of mine who's went through EMOTIONAL ABUSE, BULLYING, HARASSMENT, GASLIGHTNING AND SO ON AND SHE STILL RECEIVES EMOTIONAL ABUSE FROM IT DESPITE MOST THE DRAMA BEING 2 YEARS OLD.

This STUPID fandom is full of self absorbed, self proclaimed BRATS and DUMBA$$ES. Manipulative abusers. Cruel sh*tty rats. Drama queens. And 99% of these people are ADULTS above the age 20. Also stay away from the Starry Corridor. The most toxic place of Love Nikki.

Another tip, the developers of this game are greedy. VERY greedy. They rarely really listen to their players. Their Instagram is @lovenikki_mobile if you're curious, you can always check the raging comments... [汗顏]

Not a lot to say, I love this game so much! I somehow get better rates here than the EN version. The songs are honestly amazing, I especially really love J-rock so there's a lot of songs that I absolutely love. The voices are amazing, I think Roselia and Afterglow members have the most powerful voices.

The only reason why I like Sekai a little more is because the gameplay is easier for me, its rectangles instead of circles. I just find it more comfortable and it's often easier to do harder modes [不滿]

Danganronpa will forever be my favourite Anime [大哭][大哭][大哭] I love this game so much, definitely worth the money. Btw Celestia is best girl no arguing [發火]

Dancing City


It's a very different rhythm game as a whole. Everything is unlike what many other rhythm games have, It's a very unique game! [開心]

First, Gacha. The Gacha isn't like your regular cards or characters gacha, it's a clothing gacha. You basically get clothes that you dress up your 3D model character with. Just like card gachas though, these clothes can do favours for you, like increase score, increase HP and whatever else. The rates are alright, not the best but they're ok.

Second, graphics. The whole game is in 3D and 3D only which is nice, but do keep in mind the game is 2GB storage. [不滿]

Third, songs and the rhythm part of the game. The songs also aren't ones based on a group in the game made specifically to be only for that group (For example, Bandori, Sekai, Love live), but instead, it consists of K-pop and J-pop songs (a bit more J-pop) of all varities of genres. Along with that, while you play, your character performs really great dance choreographies. The game is animated very well, the choreographies are actually stunning and very well done.
The style isn't really like the piano style of Bandori and Sekai nor the circular one of Love Live. if you've played Cytus and Cytus II, this game has the same style. Circular buttons appear all over your screen randomly. Not really my favourite style honesty because I'm more focused when there's some kind of arrangement.

The game doesn't really have much story. The BGM (Background music) is actually really annoying to me, they put an upbeat song as a BGM which honestly hurts my head... I personally prefer something calmer and simplier. I may recommend not keeping your volume up too high while on the main menu. [不滿]

By the way, the main menu is also 3D! You get to wander around a small part of a city and other music related locations. There's not much to see, but it was definitely kind of interesting in my opinion.

Also, if you don't understand Chinese, don't worry too much! It's not a hard game to understand, but you may need to click the wrong buttons a few times before you get fully used to the set up. The overall set up is not complicated, but also an uncommon one for Rhythm gamers.

By the way, the score rankings are "Super amazing", "amazing", "great" and "miss" so getting full combo is not hard at all! [賣萌]

As a whole, I find this game amazing and I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something different! (Game has waifus too [怪笑])
Definitely give it a try. it's amazing, the only problem is that I'm picky when it comes to games I enjoy [汗顏][汗顏] But don't worry about the game not being my thing, i have shet taste anyway ufufufu [哇噻]

Blue Archive


Generally, I'm not a fan of this type of RPG battles where you can just click Auto and do nothing for the rest of the battle. Though, surprisingly, I find this game more enjoyable than I've found other ones like this.

First thing I like is the Gacha, the drop rates are pretty decent, highest star you can get is 3☆. It's also quite cheap considering how easy you can get the gacha currency. (Also very waifuable [怪笑])

Gameplay is of course up to you to decide, I personally find it alright. Your typical battle RPG with the characters having some sort of "special move" that you can click every time some small countdown runs out. The battles have an Auto button as well. Nothing very unique or special, the characters are also chibi.

I have no idea what the story is like because I can't read Japanese very well, but again, doesn't sound like anything new or unique. Honestly, it's noticeably the game is more about "pretty anime school girls" rather than actual gameplay and game experience.

After a while, it gets harder to grind. Actually, that happened pretty quickly for me, less than a week of playing. The game gets pretty boring really quickly, I mostly log in for dailies now. Overall an okay game, but maybe not totally my thing.

Definitely my favorite rhythm game so far! [開心] This won't be a super detailed review, I like the game a little more than Bandori, but if you've played Bandori and can't understand Japanese, this game will be easy to understand for you!

The songs are really great, I love them and the voice acting is really well done! The game has a really beautiful art style and amazing graphics, there's both 3D and 2D art in it. Lots of waifus (and there's guys too!) and all groups have pretty nice songs! Tip, when playing, always turn on your volume to listen to the songs, I personally do better when I can listen to the beat [賣萌][賣萌]

can't say much about the story, I can't read Japanese but it definitely looks interesting [怪笑]

My main problem is Gacha, it's a bit more expensive (10 pull is like 3000 currency) tho the game is generous. Drop rates are okay. It's not hard to get 4☆ cards (highest star), grinding for the currency isn't super hard either because the game has events pretty often. overall, it's my favorite rhythm game with Love Live, I'm a what you could call, hardcore player XD i can do Expert full combos
The game has Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert and Master.

Also, if you're a beginner, always do 10 pulls, 1 pulls are useless and never give good things [汗顏]

The game is good, not exactly my cup of tea, but gameplay is pretty fun and engaging [怪笑] Full of waifus, love the art style and the graphics are superb, though you may have to move your screen a lot, the overall set up of the screen hurts my head a bit, esp the main screen that moves weirdly. The game is really good, it has potential and you can see it's a bit more towards the older style mobile games. The overall set up isn't really my cup of tea though, but that's okay, it's a really nice game I definitely recommend [厲害][厲害] oh and, story is really interesting too [開心]

Genshin Impact


Now that I've played this game for some good 6-7 months and indulged a good 2,500$ on it (I swear I don't have a sugar mommy) let's write a review!

First of all I have all characters in the game but Zhongli and Albedo. I definitely regret not having them especially since Geo was buffed, but yea I've build almost every character in the game but a few. I also have almost all 5 star weapons. I was AR55 when i left this game.

I'm not even going to talk about the graphics, they're simply gorgeous. One thing this game did really well was not strive for some ultra hyper realistic graphics. Some games who try to make their graphics way too 'realistic ' often fail (mostly mobile games thou) making them look super weird (Dragon Raja-), but Genshin did not do that at all and the graphics are absolutely stunning on all platforms.

Alright off to.. gacha? I guess I'm not the one who really gets to have a word on this, but in my opinion, this game is not P2P. It's F2P friendly, while you can't get every single character in the game while being F2P, you surely can still get a good amount of decent characters and 4 stars are top tier depending on how you use them and build them. I agree, the later stages of the game can be harder if you're F2P and grinding takes longer, but it's not impossible to do.

Let's see... what should I talk about before I go off to writing a novel about the brilliant way this game's battle mechanics and character building works.... surely there's something else to talk about before I make this review a 350193 words long review?! No?! Okay then.... here we go........


Out of the many RPG games I've played and i play RPG since i was 10, this game has the most brilliant battle mechanics as well as the most brilliant characters building.
Most games require you to level up your characters for the most part, but this game has one very godly thing: Artifacts.

Battle mechanics: since this game is focused on elemental powers and contains 7 elements, the battle mechanics involve elemental reactions. There's a total of 9 elemental reactions each of them making sense by the actual physics and laws of our world. For example, by using a character with the Hydro (water) element and then a character with the Cryo (ice) element, you can freeze characters. It doesn't cause damage to the enemies, but it gives more time fkr attacking. there's also Hydro (water) + Pyro (fire) = Vaporize ans Cryo (ice) + Pyro (fire) = Melt. by Freezing an opponent, you can also trigger 2 more reactions that do deal damage by using a Pyro character. Elemental reactions are there because they cause more damage then normal attacks, which is what makes them so important to the game's functioning.

Artifacts: Artifacts are 5 pieces you put on your character that add to their stats. for example, The first piece is always a flower and that artifact always gives HP bonus. Then, there's the feather that's always ATK (attack) bonus. then, we have the hourglass, goblet abd hat that can be qll kinds of super important stats. I can't explain this throughly here, you'll hace to learn it for yourself [厲害] PS. I highly recommend downloading GenshinDb, a super useful and good app with lots of information!
in the game, there are multiple artifact sets that give different bonuses depending on how much of the set you've put. Every set has 5 pieces. if you put 2 pieces of it on your character, you get a certain bonus. if you put a 4 piece of it, you get a second bonus. you can also put 2 pieces of 2 different sets, getting 2 bonused from both sets. Usually this depends highly on how you're building your characters, so now, let's talk about Character roles:

1. Healers (ofc). We all know what healers are. there are quite a few main healers and a few "sub" healers in the game. The game has a specific artifact set dedicated to healers called Maiden's beloved that has all healer bonuses.

2. Shielders. This is where it gets interesting, each character that can shield has a specific stat that the shield scales off of. Some shield characters like Diona have a shield that scales off of HP, which means that the higher her HP, the stronger her shield. This is why it's very important how you want to build your characters, because Diona is a shielder and healer. You can put an HP% hourglass to her that will increase her HP even more than just the flower artifact. But you have to think, how do you want to build her? do you want to build her as a healer, shielder or both? Well, there's an artifact set made specific for shield characters too (Retracing Bolide) ! Both bonuses include making the shield stronger. So, if you want to build her both as a healer and shielder, you can use 2 piece Maiden (healer artifact) and 2 piece Bolide (shilder strength artifact) and add an HP% artifact!

3. Burst DPS - Aiya, where do I even begin. Well first of all, Burst DPS characters are characters who can hit a big amount of damahe with just one hit from their Elemental burst (Q attack or just their biggest attack). Any character can be build with bigger damage for their elemental burst, however not every character can take a ton of damage all at once with just one hit. It depends a lot on what the character's burst is like. Characters that can do big pp damage at once are Childe, Hu Tao, Mona, Diluc, Zhongli... This maybe isn't all, but the ones i can currently think of. Then, There's characters like Keqing, Xiao, Jean, Ganyu who take continuous damage through their burst. (my Score is 531k with Hu Tao [耍帥]). The Artifact set that focuses on elemental burst damage increase is Noblesse Oblige. it's GREAT as a 2 set.

4. DPS - This is basically the character that you use most on the field. usually, they're best with a 4 piece artifact of their element (NOT resonance (res) artifact bonuses!) These artifacts increase overall damage and elemental reactions damage (when 4 piece).

5. Physical DPS - Usually, those characters aren't very useful in later game. All characters but catalysts can be built as Physical DPS. Physical DPS are characters that take increased damage through normal attack and not through elemental reactions. Claymore characters are pretty much the only ones who are truly worth being built this way and some characters like Xinyan shouldn't be built for elemental reactions at all because of how they apply their element, but this is something you'll understand later on in game. The artifact set that increases physical damage is Bloodstained Chivalry (do also note thst it's NOT a really good artifact set)


Alright, I suppose I'm done....? Well, let's also make a mention of the BRILLIANT story of this game. It's actually the first RPG game or in general, game that isn't a visual novel that got me reading the story and actually being very interested in it. It's amazing, very unique, very original and so very engaging. You can see they definitely thought it out so very much...

I'm writing a second review to this amazing game because the first one was beyond sh-t.

First of all, upon downloading it again and msking a new account, the game just proves how F2P friendly and generous it is. Just within the 1 week you play in, it gives you 2 free 4☆ characters (highest star in the game) AND a 4☆ selection request, meaning you can get any 4☆ character you want. ON TOP OF THAT, every month you log into the game, It'll give you a 3☆ character selection AND a 4☆ character selection. Every single month. (lowest star in the game is 1☆)

The game gives you the character Lily & Lyla on the second day or also one of the most OP character in the whole game. It consists of 2 sisters, Lily and Lyla and during their combo attack, not dk they only deal damage, but they also heal (themselves only).
Then, on the 5th day, you obtain yet another 4☆ character, Genovia. Again, she's very OP with really good damage.

But aside from this, the gsme also gives you incredibly cheap AND good starter packets. I already bought them and I'm very satisfied. Of course, like any other game, It'll take you longer grinding if you're F2P, but that's the case for many other games. Passing stsges of the game is not hard at all if you're F2P.

Aside from this, this game has a similar building mechanism as Genshin impact. You collect jewels that you level up and they give you bonuses such as Crit damage, Crit chance, ATK, DEF, HP etc. The game gives you a free jewel pull every single day. And also, you can level up your character's equipment and skill levels. It's simple yet good enough to help you do good damage. Also, the game gives you Crit damage bonus every time you obtain a new attack type character.
There is some elements mechanic but they never explained it thorougly. they said that the electrical element (the element of the MC) is weak against Fire and that we should use an Ice character instead, but that was about it. And that it would reduce the damage if we used the Electrical element. (You don't know how hard it was not to type Electro and Pyro [發火])

And, you'll probably never get bored with this game! it has so many features to complete, there's the Mirage ruins, the Abyss, the Arena, The Cruise, story chapters that include fighting, fishing and the list goes on. It's overall a fast peaced game, you can obtain and complete a lot of things and just as a whole level up a lot during the first few days. I'm already on stage 61 of the cruise. There's also the featute where you can fight and obtsin traces of high star characters...

The Story is also interesting. Not incredibly super duper unique, but It's quite abstract and fun. i recommend giving it a read!

If anything, my biggest problem is that you can't dodge. Just with how the game arena works, there's no way to dodge attacks, so essentially you just take in all the damage. The Gacha system is alright, I'm pretty sure it has a Pity system too. Overall it takes a while to get 300 Manda, but it's not super hard either. I wish the game had dailies though... And always do 10 pulls on rhe gacha! This is the game that gave me trauma from single pulls.. [汗顏]

All in all, a great RPG game that doesn't rely a whole lot on Auto. Although i highly recommend using Auto in Arena as It'll just get repetitive and annoying there. But aside from that, it's a very unique game with a really unique set up and very generous. A favourite of mine indeed [開心]



Not my favourite game. I've had this game for about 2 years now and I've seen it change a lot. I played it before it had a photo booth and way before it had the Zepeto worlds. I think that this game has improved a lot, it's fun, but you can easiky get bored of it.

A few things about the game that I love:

- You can fully customize your own character, every option of the face is customizable by hand (body shapes were recently added!)
- A lot of fashion styles are available in the game (it's mostly mainstream fashion, but there's about 10% if the game including fantasy styles etc)
- Zepeto worlds are fun to play. Since 2019, you can also make your own Zepeto world, so there are a lot of rooms to explore (although custom made Zepeto worlds are usually with more bugs and laggy)
- You can post Pictures and videos on your account like a 'feed' and tag your friends in them
- The photobooth feature. Those are pre-made poses with one or multiple Zepetos that you can use to take pictures with.
- When customizing your face, there's arrows to go back to the old face feature you had before the customisation.
- You can now win Zems by completing offers, you don't have to only pay for them.
- You can buy custom-made clothes and make them yourself (however, they cost zems)

What I don't like about the game:

- You can't layer clothes. There is a 'shirt' option and a 'coat' in the game, but you can't layer them at all. you also can't put a shirt nor coat above or below a dress.
- You can't save your custom-made faces. If you are trying out options on your character and save your new mouth, but later decide that you prefered the old one, you can't go back and choose it again. You have to remake it once again.
- You have to pay with zems for the unlimited colors option (and it's only temporary, but don't worry, everything that you save from the option gets saved even after the use of the unilimited colors has run out)
- You can't insert a code for the unlimited colors.
- Zepeto world can get boring after a while. there's not a lot of play options.

Overall, I enjoy this game from time to time, but it's not a game that you can play every day. it's fun at first because you can explore a lot of new options, but it gets boring later.[大哭]

It's a fun game, I love the graphics and the outfits. It's also not a money-hungry game and you can have nice things without having to pay for them with real money. I don't find it hard to understand the gameplay and the whole set up of the game despite the Chinese, it's similar to Love Nikki's in some ways.

A few things that I really love about the game are:

- You can layer clothes better than in Love Nikki
- You can do Nikki's makeup all by yourself
- You can do nail art all by yourself

Now, I find this game very time consuming. Especially at the beginning, it's very time consuming to finish up chapters and everything. To everyone that doesn't know Traditional Chinese, I recommend you to look up translations on the Associations/Guilds in the game, they were the hardest to understand personally for me because they work slightly different.

The game also provides a variety of fashion styles to work with, from fantasy clothing to mainstream fashion (including alt fashion). it's a really fun game with a lot of options and it's very helpful for anyone who's interested in fashion design! [開心]

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